Can you take a holiday loan?


Do you wish to organize the trip of the dreams, to discover Asia or even enjoy the sunshine of Questionnaire or Rio de Janeiro? Or just proceed with a camping holiday together with your whole family? These excursions are memorable moments and keep memories for life. Nevertheless, we must be able to finance all of them and it is not easy to obtain the essential funds. It is therefore important to conserve before leaving, and if you will need a supplement, you can apply for a vacation loan.

Verify your budget

Determine your budget

Before going on a break it is important to determine what the budget is going to be. For this purpose, all expenses like travel, accommodation, catering plus entertainment costs should be taken into consideration.

This can allow you to have a global overview of your own expenses and thus determine how a lot you need to accumulate before leaving behind.



In order to be able to finance your own holidays more easily, it is better to obtain in advance. Not only will the vacations be better organized, but you will even have several months to save plus pay for them.

Credit cards offer some benefits that will save you money. This is actually the case with cashback bank cards and miles.

  • By using a cashback credit card you will be able to recover a certain proportion on your purchases. In general, you get 1 to 2% upon each euro spent and you may cumulate to a certain roof per year. This amount will likely then be donated directly to your own card. For example, if you invest 200 euros in May and you also get a 2% Cashback, your own June statement will display a credit of four euros.
  • You can even accumulate miles when you purchase, which will allow you to pay for your own plane tickets cheaper when you keep on vacation. Feel free to compare all of the miles credit cards using our own comparison platform to get the greatest deal.



  If you need to supplement your budget or in case you took it at the final moment to finance your own vacation, you can use the holiday mortgage that will allow you to finance your own departure more easily.

Here is a selection of the cheapest vacation loans that can help you finance your vacation. Take the sort of a € 5, 500 credit request to be paid back over 36 months to financing your one-month stay in Rio.

Leave getting insured

Leave being insured

It is also crucial to protect yourself for taking place vacation. Check if your insurance plan contracts include travel insurance. These types of allow you to be covered especially in the situation of cancellation, accident, disease, etc . and avoid paying huge sums when a problem occurs.

You can also remove insurance with your credit card. Several also offer insurance against reduction or theft of baggage which can be very useful.


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