How to get out if you already paid your debts | Debt consolidation


Your personal finances have finally stabilized and you have been able to cancel that debt that so tormented you. You can finally have a savings ! and you think in the future to apply for an important loan such as a vehicle or mortgage loan.

But a problem arises: You are still in Good Finance ! And there are still a few steps to follow to get out of this risk center if you have already paid all your debts. Learn how to leave Good Finance :

Request proof of no debit

Request proof of no debit

When you have canceled the debt you had, but you had already entered as delinquent in Good Finance you have two options. The first is to go with the bank to whom you have canceled the total of your arrears, and request a “no debit” certificate. Ask for it, it ‘s free !

You can also ask the same bank to report to Good Finance the cancellation of your debt, so that this entity can collect the default information it has about you.

Go to the same Good Finance and update your data

Go to the same Good Finance and update your data

Another way to end your bad reputation with Good Finance is to go to the same offices with the necessary documentation to prove that you have paid your debt in full.

With the documents you submit, the entity will contact your bank or financier to verify the data you delivered and so in 48 hours your debt will be canceled from its records.

Some extra tips …


It is important to follow the steps above if you want to clear your credit history . Both procedures are free.

You should keep in mind that even when you cancel your debt, it will still appear, although canceled, during the following two years. You should also know that the updated information will take time to pass to the banks until the last week of the month, approximately.

Do not continue to have a negative rating at the risk centers! Start to know your finances well so that you can order them and meet your payments. If you have fallen into debt with different banks, think about debt consolidation as an option to keep everything in order and reduce the interest on your credits or loans .

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