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CDC answers questions about takeout and restaurant safety – Twin Cities

During the COVID-19 crisis, how safe is take-out or prepared meals in restaurants? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has produced a food safety Q&A. Check out some of the highlights: Q: Can I get COVID-19 by touching food, food packaging or food contact surfaces, if the coronavirus was …

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Olive Garden restaurant manager fired after complying with non-black waiter request

A manager at an Olive Garden restaurant in Indiana, United States, no longer works for the chain after accepting a request from a white customer to be served by a non-black employee, according to people familiar with the incident on Saturday. A passerby and an employee expressed their disgust at …

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Olive Garden fires Indiana restaurant manager over racist incident

Olive Garden fires Indiana restaurant manager who provided demanding white customer with “a waiter who wasn’t black” before the restaurant launched into a rant saying a black hostess should work in a STRIP CLUB Olive Garden hostess Amira Donahue and an unidentified waiter both claim they were racially discriminated against …

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