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‘Livid’ mother slams restaurant manager for disrespecting her daughter

@latishadorsey/TikTok Footage has gone viral of an impassioned mother calling out her daughter’s manager for ‘disrespecting’ her at work, and viewers applauding the mother’s actions. Latisha Dorsey was left ‘livid’ after finding out how the manager treated her daughter and stood up to her in the middle of the restaurant. …

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Save restaurant food in Toronto before it’s wasted? There is an application for that

From farm to fork, food is wasted every step of the way: there are products that are not harvested or that are selected for their quality (or inferior beauty); fruits which deteriorate during transport; supermarket overstock that is thrown away; and restaurant dishes that don’t sell out on time. Consumers …

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Saskatoon police acted with “the utmost professionalism” in arresting Raymond Montgrand, restaurant manager says

DISCLAIMER: This story contains details and images that some readers may find distressing. Things could have turned out very differently if the Saskatoon police hadn’t overpowered Raymond Montgrand the night he broke into a restaurant and threatened to shoot himself and the police, Courtney Cannon said. Cannon was the duty …

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