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#TurksandCaicos, March 16, 2022 – TCI police say almost nothing about a crime spree, which has now resulted in at least one new homicide and a two-man hunt after three days of criminal mayhem.

Two men are currently wanted by the TCI Royal Police Serious Crime Unit and Criminal Investigations Department, and one of them is a murder suspect.

On Sunday, a WANTED flyer featuring Andral Perceval, of Haitian origin and nationality, was put into circulation. Perceval, is wanted for murder and several other serious offenses and usually hangs out at Dock Yard, Snake Hill and Five Cays.

On Monday, the list of WANTED suspects grew to include Randell Rigby Junior. He is 22 years old, slim, and about 5’11” tall.

Rigby is from Five Cays in Provideniciales, the flyer said.

The police asked the two men to go to the flyers, informing the public that Percival and Rigby are armed and dangerous; men no one should approach.

Interest in the pair comes after a series of armed robberies on Friday night and two shootings on Saturday, one of which resulted in the country’s second murder of 2022.

On Friday evening, our newsroom learned that a family had been confronted by armed men in the Glass Shack neighborhood at around quarter to 8 p.m., minutes later a group of men showed up at Sunny Foods at Five Cays, firing shots in the parking lot and entering the store where a cashier was robbed. At least one vehicle was reportedly abandoned at the grocery store, the men all fled on foot.

On Saturday morning, another report surfaced. A man was ambushed by at least two gunmen while dumping rubbish at the Providenciales landfill. He was shot trying to fend off the demons, who managed to retrieve the truck he was driving. The man was left for dead, but survived and was rushed to hospital. His condition is unknown.

The thieves did not flee with the truck, but were caught by police who allegedly set up a blockade at the entrance/exit of the landfill.

The suspects abandoned the truck and fled into nearby bushes.

At 6 p.m. on Saturday, Gari Charles alias Santi was shot dead. He was left in a pool of blood on the ground in a small community on Mary Jane Lane, Blue Hills.

Santi has been wanted by the TCI Royal Police since October for rape, robbery and other serious offences. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Sunday morning, another prolific offender was nearly fatally shot. He was taken to hospital, at one point it was reported that he was in critical condition.

Those close to him on social media fought rumors of his death and reported that the young man was recovering in hospital.

The police only commented on the murder of Gari Charles; offering no identity but saying they have been summoned to the scene where they found the lifeless man.

Ironically, this crime craze is taking place as police hope a gun amnesty will help get some of these illegal weapons off the streets. So far, there have been no reports of anyone returning an unregistered firearm or ammunition; gun amnesty ends march 31st.

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