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Central District Health conducts annual inspections of food service establishments in Ada County. The items listed correspond to the risk factors most commonly associated with foodborne illness. Additional items are assessed during the inspection. For more details go to Southwest District Health performs similar inspections in Canyon County.

Country Donuts, 10358 W. Overland Road, Boise

10 *, 23 *

Egyptian Market, 10352 W. Overland Road, Boise

13 *, 15 *, 23 *

Forerunner Cafe Mobile Espresso and Deli, 3640 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City

2 *, 21 *

IHOP, 3525 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian

10 *, 15 *, 16 *

Maverik, 3080 S. Five Mile Road, Boise


Red Bench Pizza, 2826 S. Eagle Road, Suite 100, Eagle

16 *

Stinker Store, 4849 N. Meridian Road, Meridian

22 *

Sweet Tea Living, 99 E. State St., Eagle

28 *

The STIL (processing), 13 S. Latah St., Boise

16 *

Yogurtz Grill, 1560 N. Locust Grove Road, Meridian

15 *

* Corrected violation (s).

Key to violations

1 Insufficient knowledge of food safety.

2 Certified Food Protection Manager – accredited course.

3 Mandatory reporting of communicable diseases / diseases.

4 Inappropriate restriction and exclusion of sick food service workers.

5 Insufficient vomiting and diarrhea cleaning procedure.

6 Eat, drink, taste or smoke in the food preparation area.

7 Food worker with discharge from eyes, nose and / or throat.

8 Poor hand washing practices.

9 Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.

10 Inadequate hand washing facilities.

11 Foods not from an approved source.

12 Food received in unsafe condition.

13 Foods unfit for consumption.

14 Insufficient record keeping of seafood / shellfish and fish.

15 Improper separation and protection of food.

16 Improper cleaning and disinfection of food contact surfaces.

17 Food returned and reserved.

18 Incorrect temperature and cooking time.

19 Incorrect reheating of food – temperature / time.

20 Incorrect food cooling process.

21 Food is not at the correct keep warm temperature.

22 Incorrect keeping temperature of food.

23 Incorrect marking of the expiration date of foods.

24 Insufficient recording of time as safe food control.

25 Inappropriate consumer advice for undercooked or raw foods served.

26 Pasteurized or well-cooked foods required.

27 Incorrect use of food additives.

28 Toxic items not properly stored / labeled.

29 Special food processing plans not available / not followed.

Inspected without major risk factor violation

Brown’s Buffalo Ranch, 2021 CCPM Multiple Temporary Event, Boise

Chilango’s (Azteca), 10386 W. Ustick Road, Boise

Fairweather Fish Co, 2021 Temp Event Multiple, Garden City

Jacksons Food Stores, 6350 W. Fairview Ave., Boise

LBE Wagyu, 2021 Temp Event Multiple, Meridian

Lovejoy’s, 1760 S. Meridian Road, Suite 101, Meridian

Orange Julius, 350 N. Milwaukee St., Suite 2009, Boise

Pizza Hut, 2053 E. Fairview Ave., 103, Meridian

Reeds Dairy, 10785 W. Lake Hazel Road, Ste 150, Boise

The Creperie Mobile, 2021 Temp Events Multiple, Boise

The Kula Connection, 2021 Temp Events Multiple, Boise

The STIL, 13 S. Latah St., Boise

Vitalize Juice Company, 2021 Temp Event Multiple CCPM, Boise

Walgreens, 6195 S. Five Mile Road, Boise

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