Angry American Woman Throws Spicy Hot Soup At Mexican Restaurant Manager After Her Packet Of Food Melts

When Broland tried to calm the situation down, the client threw soup in his face. Credits: YouTube / Inside Edition

Shocking video of an angry customer throwing spicy Mexican soup in the face of a food chain manager goes viral.

In an absurd incident, a dissatisfied customer, annoyed by the soup she had ordered, threw it in the face of the food chain manager. Video of the incident goes viral as surveillance camera footage shows the customer’s inhumane act splashing spicy soup in the manager’s face. The incident took place in Texas at a popular Mexican fast food chain, Sol de Jalisco. Manager Jannelle Broland, 24, was at work on November 7 when an angry customer approached her with a container of soup in her hands. The lid of the package allegedly melted from the very hot Mexican menudo soup, which infuriated the woman. Broland tried to convince the client over the phone and offered her a free alternative and a refund, but the angry client did not budge. She then came to the restaurant and started making a scene in the establishment. When Broland tried to control the situation and asked him to calm down or leave the restaurant, she threw all the soup in Broland’s face.

“My first thought was ‘what just happened’. I couldn’t open my eyes. The spices burned my eyes. It got up to my nose and caused a nosebleed, ”Broland told KCENTV. Fortunately, by the time of the incident, the soup had cooled and hadn’t hurt Broland’s face.

Watch the full incident here:

According to law enforcement officials, the woman and her companion may face severe charges. Several media outlets tried to reach the client, but all attempts were unsuccessful. His social media accounts were also reportedly shut down after video of the incident went viral.

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