Angry woman throws hot soup in restaurant manager’s face

We are a generation used to getting things easily. Especially when it comes to food, there are tons of varieties to satisfy our cravings and it is easily accessible as well. We can either have our food delivered to our homes through food delivery apps or just opt ​​for the usual takeout if we don’t feel like dining out.

But sometimes mishaps happen and we don’t get exactly what we ordered. But a woman from the United States had a very extreme reaction when she found a foreign body in her food.

An anonymous customer was reportedly angry after discovering melted plastic in a take-out container filled with a spicy soup from Mexican restaurant chain Sol de Jalisco in Temple, Texas, and confronted branch manager Jannelle in the process. Broland, 24 years old.

Video of the whole incident has gone viral where the customer can be seen arguing with the manager as she removes the lid of the soup and points with her finger, before throwing the container in Broland’s face and walking out from the store running.


Needless to say, Borland was traumatized and heartbroken by the whole episode. Fortunately, she did not suffer any burns. “The experience itself was traumatic and heartbreaking. I felt like my spirit had been shattered just knowing that someone could do something so horrible and then laugh about it,” said said Borland. Mail online.

The woman allegedly called the restaurant first to complain about the lid of the take-out box, shouting profanity at Broland, who hung up the phone, only to see the woman show up at the restaurant minutes later.

“Every time I mentioned a refund or a free replacement meal, she would cut me off and keep saying ‘That’s f**king ridiculous’ or ‘Look at that shit,'” Broland said, adding that the woman “didn’t seem to want anything, just to berate me”.

soup on the face

Broland reported the incident to Temple Police. She also has photos of the woman’s car that were taken by other customers. She intends to press charges against the woman.

“We do not tolerate this type of behavior and hold the highest standards for our citizens. If a citizen feels they have received poor service, we advise them to remain courteous until the issue is resolved,” Temple Police Deputy Chief Allen Teston told KCENTV.

The shocking TikTok clip, shared by Broland herself, has now garnered over 5 million views. Netizens threw their support behind her and said the woman should be jailed.

It is absolutely unacceptable.

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