Angry woman throws steaming hot soup in restaurant manager’s face in shocking video

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A woman could face criminal charges after she was caught on camera throwing a bowl of hot soup in the face of a restaurant manager.

The anonymous customer was reportedly angry after discovering melted plastic in a take-out container filmed with spicy soup from Mexican restaurant chain Sol de Jalisco in Temple, Texas, and so confronted branch manager Jannelle Broland , 24 years.

In a now-viral video posted to TikTok, the customer can be seen arguing with the manager as she removes the lid from the soup and points at it, before throwing the container in Broland’s face and exiting the store.

The woman reportedly called the restaurant first to complain about the takeout box cover, yelling curses at Broland, who hung up the phone, only to see the woman arrive at the restaurant a few minutes later.

“Whenever I mentioned a refund or a free replacement meal, she would just cut me off and keep saying ‘This is fucking ridiculous’ or ‘Look at that shit,'” Broland said, adding that the the woman ‘didn’t seem to want anything, just to scold me’.

Broland recalled that the soup “felt like it had been sprayed with pepper,” leaving her to wipe the liquid from her face, hair and clothes in the bathroom as customers and colleagues offered their aid.

“The experience itself was traumatic and heartbreaking,” she said, according to the Daily mail, adding, “I felt my mind was broken just knowing that someone could do something so horrible and then laugh at it.”

Broland has since reported the incident to Temple Police and said armed with images of the woman’s car taken by other customers, she intended to press charges.

In a statement given to the local information network KCENTemple Deputy Chief of Police Allen Teston said:

We do not tolerate this type of behavior and hold our citizens to the highest level. If a citizen thinks they have received poor service, we advise them to remain courteous until the issue is resolved.

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