August trial likely for former McLanks restaurant manager charged with second-degree murder

The criminal trial against former McLanks restaurant manager Jeffrey McWilliams, who is charged with second-degree murder, first-degree robbery and criminal action with a weapon, is likely to continue through mid-August.

The trial was scheduled to start on Tuesday but was canceled by Boone County Circuit Judge Joshua Devine after McWilliams attorney Stephen Wyse attempted to appeal Devine’s denial of a motion to dismiss the trial. ‘affair.

The Western District Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal last Thursday. Devine was awaiting the results of this filing before proceeding.

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A hearing was held on Monday to set the August trial, but the exact trial date was not finalized on Tuesday afternoon.

The trial is expected to last four days.

Wyse also requested an additional bail investigation from Adult Court Services so that McWilliams, who was released on bail last August but with a GPS monitor, could transport his children to and from school or daycare. It was approved last Tuesday, according to court documents online.

McWilliams is accused of involvement in the 2017 death of Gus Roberts. Wyse continued to seek exclusion for DNA and GPS evidence that would have placed McWilliams in close proximity to the murder.

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The trial was delayed at least twice, despite Wyse filing speedy trial motions with the court. The first petitions were filed shortly after McWilliams’ arrest last May.

The trial was scheduled to take place last August before an extension was granted through a state petition. Before the postponed trial began in November, the state withdrew and refiled its case against McWilliams. Wyse renewed its speedy trial filing in January.

The continued delay in granting McWilliams a speedy trial prompted Wyse’s motion to dismiss the case against its client.

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