bear who attacked the manager of a restaurant in downtown Aspen euthanized | Colorado Springs News

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a bear that bit a restaurant manager who tried to scare him off a dumpster in Aspen on Sunday was captured and euthanized.

Wildlife officials said a bear matching the description of the attack was found a day later on the second-floor balcony of a business one block from the attack site. .

Officers stung the bear, measured the bear’s teeth while he was stilled and determined that the teeth matched the victim’s bites.

DNA results received Thursday confirmed officers captured and euthanized the correct bear.

“A bear this size and unafraid of humans could have easily killed a person with little effort,” said Matt Yamashita, the area’s wildlife manager, in a press release.

“It’s unfortunate that this bear must have died for this reason, especially considering that it was completely preventable. In our experience, there was no way this bear could be rehabilitated after biting. one person.”

Wildlife officials report that there have been three bear attacks on humans this summer in Aspen, and the number of 911 calls reporting bear encounters has ranged between five and 20 per day since the mid-June. Some of those daily calls include reports of bears inside homes or trying to break into homes while residents are hiding in bedrooms and closets, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Could bear-proof trash cans be needed in Colorado Springs?

Wildlife officials warn that bears are preparing for winter hibernation and, as a result, go into some sort of binge feeding. Authorities urged people to take appropriate precautions.

“It’s not sustainable,” Yamashita said. “This is by no means a normal and acceptable situation. Yes, the habitat around Aspen is perfect for bears, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for letting them feed on your dumpster, your trash can or your pantry. ”

Aspen Times reports than the restaurant, Steakhouse 316, received a $ 500 unsecured garbage ticket from the city.

Sgt. Rick Magnuson of the Aspen Police Department told the newspaper this was the restaurant’s second waste violation in the past two weeks.

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