Blackpool Restaurant Manager’s Perfect Response to ‘Watery Beer’ Charge

An official retaliated by claiming that the beer had been “watered down” at a Chinese restaurant.

A customer of Michael Wan’s Mandarin Cantonese restaurant on Clifton Street in Blackpool wrote about his experience on TripAdvisor.

After his visit in July, a two-star review titled “Did not live up to the reputation” was published.

The review expressed dissatisfaction with the food and drink – noting that the “beer was watery” and complaints about the size of the portions.

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But they complemented the restaurant with their decor and atmosphere, and praised the staff for adhering to strict social distancing rules.

It seems that wasn’t enough to persuade them to come back, however, ending the review with “nothing special, I’m afraid, sorry”.

The full review said: “It was lovely decor, clean to some extent but the table was so sticky the paper menu stuck to it and tore! Nice atmosphere, Covid rules are very well respected, lots of attentive staff, all welcoming.

“The food arrived quickly and was hot but that’s really it, she wasn’t impressed if I’m being honest. I ordered double spirits and was given singles, the beer was runny, the cola was flat and hot.

“Ordered a large fried rice and a small, large arrived in a plate, small arrived in a covered bowl but when the bowl was spilled onto the plate it was the exact amount of the large portion! Small was £ 4.40, large was charged £ 9.50 but we were charged £ 11.50 for this on the invoice.

“The twice-cooked pork seemed to be just 3 slices of thin bacon cut into 4 pieces, the expected pork belly or something thicker.

“Everything was too salty and was cooked with chili and had more raw chili sprinkled on it. The ribs and noodles were good.

“The first time, but unfortunately it will probably be the last, it was expensive for standard local take out food (on average £ 40 per person for a starter, main course and drink) nothing special I’m afraid , sorry!”

The general manager of Michael Wan’s Cantonese Mandarin restaurant responded to the criticism – fighting back claims the beer was watered down.

Michael Wan’s Mandarin Cantonese Restaurant, Blackpool

They also said that many of the issues mentioned in the scathing review could have been resolved had staff been made aware of them.

Ending their response, the manager suggested the restaurant “wasn’t for” them if “you compare it to your local takeout.”

The response read, “Thank you for your kind words about the decor, the staff and the atmosphere of our restaurant. We keep the restaurant very clean and follow the covid measurements as you mention, that would explain the sticky tables because the disinfectant that we use leaves a little residue.

“We spoke to the team and they don’t remember anyone complaining about the things you mention, if you had they would have done what they could to fix the issues at the time, unfortunately there is not much we can do a few days later.

“I don’t know what happened with the drinks, the beer comes in sealed kegs or bottles, so if you suggest it’s diluted, that’s just not true or possible. Our drinks non-alcoholic drinks are usually served with lots of ice cream so sorry if that wasn’t the case on this occasion, again if you had mentioned it to any of the team members they would have been happy to change for you.

“I have checked all the invoices for the last two days, but I do not see any corresponding to what you mention above, so it is difficult to know where the 11.50 came from. As you mention, a large special fried rice costs 9.50 but a small special fried rice is 6.50. Steamed rice is 2.60 and fried rice with eggs is 3.20. steamed and fried egg comes in different portion sizes as they contain different ingredients, a large special may very well be the same as a small steamed. I don’t know how that could be 11.50 as our billing system generates the invoice from the individual prices.

“We use 100% pork belly, it comes in large joints which are then thinly sliced. Unfortunately I don’t think our restaurant is for you if you compare it to your local take out, we are continually checking the food that comes out of the kitchen is so happy that we provide an excellent standard of food.

“” Reading your other reviews as well, the salt issue may be due to your personal taste preferences as this seems to be a common theme throughout, maybe mention that you prefer less salt when ordering. “

Michael Wan’s Mandarin Cantonese Restaurant has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor – and is ranked 11th out of 427 restaurants in Blackpool.

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