CJ CheilJedang supplies traditional Korean sauce to UK restaurant chain

CJ CheilJedang developed gochujang into a dipping sauce to meet the needs of consumers in the US and UK

CJ CheilJedang, Korea’s leading soy sauce and bean paste producer, is stepping up efforts to promote the globalization of its bean sauce and bean paste products, sold under the Haechandle brand. CJ CheilJedang announced on September 9 that it will launch red chili paste (“gochujang” in Korean) with vinegar at Itsu Company, a large restaurant chain in the UK, and is also working on the development of chili paste. halal red targeting the largest halal food in the world. Marlet.

CJ CheilJedang plans to expand research and development on the superior functionality of Korean traditional soy sauce and bean paste and accelerate the development of localized products that will best suit the tastes of global consumers. In doing so, the company will market Korean sauces to the world under the name “K-Sauce” representing Korea, such as Kikkoman sauce from Japan and American Tabasco sauce.

CJ CheilJedang’s traditional Korean sauce exports are steadily increasing. They went from 5,125 tonnes in 2013 to 7,195 tonnes last year, an increase of 40% over five years. By successfully securing the microbe reduction technology, the company has been providing a gochujang product with less microbes to sauce companies such as Griffith in the United States and Ebara CJ in Japan as B2B products since the end of 2016. The Gochujang product with fewer microbes that ships to Griffith is served by Panda Express, a Chinese restaurant franchise in the United States, and is used in Ebara CJ’s simple cooking sauce in Japan.

Via B2C channels, Bibigo Gochujang sauce and Anicheon Gochujang sauce are mainly sold in USA and UK. Considering the fact that locals in the US and UK love to dip their food in ketchup, mayonnaise, and chili, among others, CJ CheilJedang developed gochujang in dipping sauce. In the United States, major distributors Whoefood Market and Amazon sell red chili paste and in the United Kingdom the product is available in ethnic and Korean food stores.

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