Croatian restaurant chain Koykan hopes to conquer Germany and Austria

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October 15, 2022 – Croatian restaurant chain Koykan, known for its so-called “fast-casual” style, is set to expand into the German and Austrian markets following a new round of investment.

As Poslovny Dnevnik writing, on Wednesday this week, the Croatian restaurant chain Koykan presented to investors its expansion plans for the wider European Union (EU) market, which includes the opening of no less than fifty franchised restaurants in Germany and in Austria by 2025. The Croatian Koykan chain is otherwise a very unique restaurant concept that offers a wide range of street food and international cuisine in one place, from Asian and Mexican to Mediterranean and American-style, all based on fresh, high-quality local ingredients.

In order for the company’s ambitious plan to expand its business to the European Union market to come true, the founders of Koykan plan to attract an investment worth one million Euros with the help of digital investment platform Funderbeam, and potential investors have confirmed their interest in investing in this growing Croatian street food franchise.

“Funderbeam is a global digital platform that enables startups and growing businesses to raise capital on more favorable terms than venture capital and other forms of investment at this stage of business development. In the At the same time, Funderbeam also allows individuals to be part of the successful business of innovative and growing companies as small investors with an investment as low as 250 euros.This is a significant change in the world of investments , since until now these investments were reserved only for large institutional investors”, explained Ognjan Despot, the director of Funderbeam for Central and Eastern Europe. He also pointed out that Croatian companies have already raised more than six million euros through various Funderbeam investments, while total investments through Funderbeam amount to more than 50 millions of euros.

“We didn’t decide to take this step overnight. Over the past decade, we’ve learned a lot, often from our own mistakes, we’ve worked tirelessly, we’ve grown, and it’s not that now that we are really ready for expansion into European Union markets. With the help of Funderbeam, our goal is to raise one million euros in series A and with this spring our milestone, to open fifty restaurants franchisees across Germany and Austria over the next three years,” said Boro Milivojevic, one of the co-founders of the Croatian restaurant chain Koykan.

Every company on Funderbeam must have a leading investor who contributes credibility to the campaign with their investment, and Koykan’s lead investor, Mato Marcinkovic & Partners, pointed out that here in the Republic of Croatia there is a need to activate the investment climate in companies that plan to expand to a much larger market in Europe.

Davor Bruketa, partner of the famous Croatian branding agency Bruketa&Zinic&Grey, joined Koykan as one of the investors. “After hearing about Koykan’s story a few months ago, I decided to invest and financially support the project. The expansion of the first Croatian fast food chain is also of interest to my agency, so we have decided together that Bruketa&Zinic&Grey would help with design, digital advertising and brand activation for their franchise expansion,” says Davor Bruketa.

The Croatian restaurant chain Koykan wants to include all its fans in this project, so Koykan employees and major suppliers have become investors, and the desire is for customers who love famous Koykan classics such as their burgers, gyros, wraps and other offers. to participate as well. The fundraising campaign on Funderbeam is expected to continue for another month, and the current interest in investing has already exceeded the founders’ initial expectations.

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