Customers ram their car into restaurant manager in California

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (KCAL/KCBS) — A dinner and dash incident nearly ended in tragedy at a California restaurant when a couple jumping on their bill rammed the manager while fleeing.

A security camera captured the madness Monday afternoon outside the Ragin Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach, Calif., as a car sped straight at the restaurant manager.

The restaurant’s co-owners, Lisa Briton Hodges and her husband Steve Hodges, say the incident happened after two people skipped their bill. The couple had sat on the patio and ordered high-priced items, running up to $90.

The Hodges say the couple even asked for takeout boxes before rushing to a Chrysler that was backed off for a quick getaway.

In an attempt to stop them, the manager confronted the couple in the car. It was then that the driver hit him, knocking and carrying the manager more than 10 meters. He ended up falling to the curb as the Chrysler drove away.

“I’m angry. I mean, who could do that to someone? It was very intentional and our whole crew is like family,” Lisa Briton Hodges said.

The manager suffered minor injuries, a few cuts and bruises.

The Hodges want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. They say they’ve seen a lot of people dine in and rush out with outdoor seating during the pandemic.

“So it’s not necessarily about us. It’s about protecting each other and helping each other,” said Lisa Briton Hodges.

The suspects are described as a woman with brown hair, who is approximately 5’3″ and weighs 140 pounds, and a man with braids, who is approximately 5’8″ and weighs approximately 170 pounds.

The Chrysler is either brown or burgundy and is thought to date from the late 80s or early 90s.

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