Food hygiene assessments of take out, bars and restaurants where you live


Everywhere you look you will see a take out restaurant or restaurant, but whether you go or not is another matter.

Reviews are often the ideal option in deciding where to eat, but it can also be a good idea to consult establishments’ food hygiene ratings.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is required by law to assign a hygiene score of up to five to all places where food is provided, sold or consumed.

The ratings, where five is the best and zero indicates urgent improvement is needed, examines everything from how food is stored and food handling to the cleanliness of the facility, but is not a guide to quality food.

The food hygiene rating system also does not provide information on customer service, cooking skills, presentation and comfort. This is where you will find reviews elsewhere useful.

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The food hygiene rating or inspection result assigned to a business reflects the food hygiene standards found on the date of the inspection or visit by the local authority.

But what are inspectors looking for?

When they visit a business, they check the hygiene of food handling, the physical condition of the business and how it manages the means to ensure food safety.

Below you can use the interactive widget to watch the best and the worst FSA hygiene rating for take out and restaurants where you live by entering your zip code.


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