Foodservice training portal launches online restaurant manager development training suite

New courses designed to develop new managers and improve the skills of current ones

Foodservice training portal launches online restaurant manager development training suiteRaleigh, North Carolina ( Restaurant training portal, a leading provider of e-learning tools for restaurant and hospitality operators, announces the launch of Manager Success University â„¢, a comprehensive leadership-focused e-learning suite designed specifically for managers restaurant and owners / managers. Manager Success University â„¢ includes interactive development and compliance courses that help executives anticipate and meet business needs.

Manager Success University â„¢ was born when the Foodservice Training Portal repeatedly heard from its customers that training content for restaurant managers was not readily available. With most independent operators promoting from the inside out, it is often very likely that a former waiter or kitchen worker with years of service with the company will now fill the role of front desk manager or supervisor. food. Although they are fully familiar with the whereabouts of the operation, they may not have been trained in the leadership skills necessary to be an effective and efficient manager within their operation. Manager Success University â„¢ now provides easily accessible coaching and critical operations resources directly to these managers and owners.

This unique approach taken by the Foodservice Training Portal addresses key issues for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Managers develop leadership skills that produce organizational results, gain market knowledge to differentiate themselves and understand strategies for increased profitability.

Manager Success University â„¢ content is interactive and engaging and represents an ever-expanding library of course assets:

  • Unique Concept eStart â„¢ (How to develop strategies to differentiate your concept)
  • Integrated Marketing eStart â„¢ (How to Effectively Use Social Media and Paid Marketing to Increase Profitability)
  • Manager eStart â„¢ (How to establish a master plan for the effectiveness and efficiency of managers)
  • Best Staff eStart â„¢ (How to hire the best staff to power your operation)
  • EStart â„¢ sexual harassment (manager)
  • Anti-Bias eStart â„¢ (Unconscious bias training)
  • Zero Waste eStart â„¢ (Food waste and sustainability training)
  • Healthy Habits eStart â„¢ (Infectious Disease and COVID-19 Training)
  • Smart Tactics eStart â„¢ (Mask de-escalation training)

“Great managers can lead a team and achieve business results while motivating all staff,” said Eric Webster, Managing Director of Foodservice Training Portal. “Manager Success University â„¢ provides restaurant and hospitality operators with easy-to-use development and leadership training tailored to our industry. Webster concluded, “We’re here to help you achieve your goals: increasing sales, developing staff leadership, improving marketing effectiveness and even increasing overall profitability. These goals are all within reach with a highly qualified and well-trained management team. ”

Access to Manager Success University â„¢ is available for up to 5 managers for $ 299 / year OR up to 10 managers / year for $ 499. For more information or to purchase Manager Success University â„¢, visit:

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Foodservice Training Portal is a leader in e-learning solutions and hospitality talent training. The company provides interactive educational tools and helps clients effectively achieve their training goals. Foodservice Training Portal has been a Sysco Solutions and Services partner since 2015. For more information, visit

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