In a shocking incident, a former employee of US-based fast food chain Panda Express alleged that her employers asked her to attend a “bizarre” personal improvement seminar that “quickly escalated into psychological violence ”.

The Washington Post reported that in her lawsuit, the employee claimed she was “forced to undress” while participating in Alive Seminars and Coaching Academy self-improvement programs. The woman added that this had happened in front of strangers as well as colleagues.

The trial explains: “Participants were prohibited from using their cell phones; there was no clock in the room; the doors and windows were all covered with black cloth. According to the woman, the eminar seemed less for self-improvement than a “site for the unofficial interrogation of terrorist suspects.”

The former Panda Express employee said that over time the seminar has become like an “initiation into worship ritual”. The woman, however, added that she and other colleagues had decided to stay behind because they had been “told that their opportunity for promotion would depend on the completion of the seminar.” outside ‘wearing nothing but their underwear’.

The exPanda Express employee claimed that even after attending the “seminar”, working conditions at Panda Express remained “intolerable” and she was fired after a month.

Meanwhile, Panda Express’s parent company, Panda Restaurant Group, said it has taken note of the woman’s allegations and is investigating the case. anda spokesperson for Restaurant Group said that “we do not tolerate the kind of behavior described in the lawsuit, and we are deeply concerned about it.”

The parent company of Panda Express further stated that the company is committed to providing a safe environment for all associates and upholding our core values ​​to treat everyone with respect.

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