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One diner got the shock of his life when the manager of a Kuala Lumpur restaurant he had frequented on Friday June 17 took to social media to insinuate that he and all the other difficult customers to “GO F YOURSELF B” in a wordy Facebook post.

Recounting his horrific experience in a Facebook post on Saturday, user Alex Hooi recounted what he recalled as ‘the most shocking customer service excuse ever’ after being refused a drink of water after vomiting at Dihyang Pizzeria.

Restaurant manager Elayne Hoo simultaneously expressed her frustration with difficult customers in a lengthy Facebook post the same day, shortly after Hooi uploaded her post.

She said that while she’s had her fair share of good customers, some customers just can’t be satisfied.

“Each store has its own characteristics, its own rules, its own way! Don’t blindly challenge people when you can’t understand.”

“GO F YOURSELF B,” Hoo said, apparently referring to his unpleasant experiences with Hooi and other unpleasant customers, adding that there was simply no tap water available at the restaurant.

In his Facebook post, Hooi explained that after his meal, he felt nauseous and went to the bathroom, regurgitating the contents of the meal he had just consumed.

After showering and trying to clean the toilet to the best of his abilities, he informed a service staff of what had just happened, before asking for a glass of hot water to clear his throat.

To his surprise, the waitress reportedly refused his request, adding that he could instead buy a bottle of still water for RM23.50 (S$7.50), Hooi posted.

“I said I didn’t need so much, just a little to clear my burning throat. They still tried to sell me the bottle of water insisting they didn’t ‘had no water source apart from the RM23.50 Sole L’itialania Still,’ Hooi said.

After paying the bill, Hooi expressed his annoyance to the manager, explaining that the service staff should not try to sell their customers when they are not feeling well, and maybe they could check the good. -be of the customer and offer them a glass of water.

Hooi added that throughout the ordeal, no member of the service staff asked him if he was okay.

Moreover, after asking the manager if they could have provided boiled tap water in such a situation, the manager allegedly replied, “Sir, if you need tap water to clear your throat, we We have tap water in the toilets”.

Hooi’s friends took to Instagram to write about their unpleasant experience with the restaurant.

In his post, Hooi uploaded several photos of the alleged responses he received from the restaurant manager on his personal Facebook profile.

Netizens took to the comments to express their feelings about it, with many Facebook users agreeing that the service was unacceptable.

“It’s absurd that a place that charges top dollar loses sight of a customer’s well-being [sic]”said one user.


Another user commented with a laugh, “I’m pretty sure there’s a special connection between her and tap water,” adding that the manager must promote tap water when she drinks it at the work.

The restaurant, which was tagged on social media by several netizens, responded by reposting to their Instagram story saying “Another story maker. Thanks for coming and ciao ciao.”

Earlier this month, another restaurant had its share of horrible customer service when she and her family were reprimanded for only ordering an omelet from a restaurant in Melaka.

“If you don’t have money, don’t bring your parents”, implying that the restaurant was poor.

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