Girl arrested after trying to engage restaurant manager in fight: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter


Disruption: Mayfield Road

A Moe’s Southwest Grille manager reported Dec. 2 that a recently fired employee came to the company to fight her and brought several friends. The 17-year-old from Cleveland had been kicked out of the business the previous week.

She refused to identify herself and was arrested for trespassing and non-disclosure of information. She will be taken to juvenile court.

Stolen Vehicle: Lander Road

A woman reported around 2 a.m. on November 25 that her vehicle had just been stolen from her driveway. She said she had just got home and left the keys inside as she entered the house.

Her daughter saw the vehicle back out of the driveway, but could not give a description of the driver.

Disruption: Marsol Road

A Cleveland man, 40, has been charged with felony assault, aggravated burglary and non-disclosure of personal information after an incident involving three women at the Drake Apartments.

He had returned to the apartment to retrieve a forgotten cell phone charger, then he broke in and started a fight with the women. He took two of their cell phones and a purse during the incident.

Disruption: Mayland Avenue

A caller reported on November 26 that two women were shouting at each other while walking down the street. Officers learned that one had lost her shoe and the other laughed at her, leading to a brief confrontation.

Theft: Mayfield Road

A woman said on November 27 that her iPhone had been lost or stolen and she believed it had gone missing while she was at BP 7-Eleven. She said she last followed him to a place in Mentor, but she knew where precisely.

General Support: SOM Center Road

A man said Nov. 28 that he accidentally left his gun in the bathroom at DiBella’s Subs. He had disappeared when he came back for him. Management said no one returned it or reported it being found.

Suspicion: Mayfield Road

A man was allegedly drunk outside Cork N’ Bottle on November 28 and was throwing snowballs at customers and taunting them. Responding officers did not locate him.

Flight: SOM Center Road

A woman said Nov. 30 that someone had stolen her purse from CVS the night before and her credit cards had been used fraudulently. The incident is under investigation.

Arms offense: Mayfield Road

A 26-year-old Euclid man was charged with having disabled weapons on Nov. 30 after his vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation and a loaded gun was located.

The passenger, a 26-year-old Euclid, was arrested on an active warrant with the city and cited for possession of marijuana.

Suspicion: Mayfield Road

A caller said Nov. 30 that a man near Circle K held his two middle fingers up. Officers located the man and informed him of the complaint before dismissing him.

Stolen Vehicle: Parker Drive

A vehicle was reported stolen from a resident’s driveway on December 3. Its owner said it was unlocked with a key fob inside.

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