Growing Mexican Restaurant Chain Opens Reading Site


October 20 — Abel Vasquez doesn’t brag about the quality of the food at his Mexican restaurant, Three Brothers Grill.

The reviews its customers leave online speak for themselves.

Perhaps even more telling is the rapid growth of Three Brothers Grill. With the opening of its new restaurant in the 1600 block of Center Avenue in Reading on Monday, the chain now has five branches since it debuted in Pottstown just five years ago.

“This is my dream,” said Vasquez, owner of Three Brothers Grill. “We want to grow. We trust food. We believe in food. We believe in the love we put in food.

“In five years, we have opened a restaurant every year.

Boasting “authentic Mexican cuisine,” it’s not hard to see why Three Brothers Grill has garnered so much attention due to the size of its menu.

Tacos, burritos, nachos, chimichangas and all the staples are here, along with popular but lesser-known dishes like quesabirrias – crispy rolled tortillas filled with beef, onions, cilantro and cheese and served with salsa. to soak.

And Vasquez and his family make it all easy, though it wasn’t always the case.

Started from the bottom

The restaurant is named after Vasquez and his brothers, Eneas and Bryan, all from Guatemala.

Vasquez immigrated to the United States just over a decade ago, first arriving in California, where he went to work with his older brother, Eneas, in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant. The trio eventually worked together on the line, with Vasquez generally taking care of the grill.

“My food is different,” Vasquez said. “It’s more authentic.

“California is one of the best places for great food, and my old boss is Mexican, so we learned a lot.”

But when the family moved to Pennsylvania and dreamed of opening their own restaurant, they ran into trouble. They didn’t have a lot of money up front to rent or buy a space, let alone build it, and with English as a second language, even basic tasks like applying for a loan or filing for permits were difficult.

They were able to borrow money to open their first restaurant in Pottstown from friends and neighbors while doing all the building work themselves.

“We didn’t have the money to pay people, so we did all the work,” Vasquez said. “We finally opened on the first day, and it was crazy. We thought it might not be busy, so I was working in the building, and maybe two days later they said, ‘We have need you here. It is occupied. Busy, busy busy. ‘”

Eneas is currently back in Guatemala, while the youngest, Bryan, continues to help out at the restaurant.

Sprawl in all directions

After the successful launch in Pottstown, Three Brothers Grills has popped up everywhere people want to see them, Vasquez said.

Three Brothers Grill visited Collegeville when patrons east of Pottstown complained that the restaurant was too far away. Next are Phoenixville, Harleysville and, for a short time, a location in the Coventry Mall – although this one has since closed.

Next on the list was Reading, all because Vasquez heard the clamors of restaurant fans.

“Our ambition is not because of the money, but because we love it,” he said. “People are asking, so we are opening in new places.

“A lot of people work in Pottstown but live here. They say, ‘Oh, you should come to Reading!'”

Vasquez is also aware that Berks County is already home to many Mexican and Latin restaurants, and he can’t wait to try them out himself.

He is also convinced that people here will embrace Three Brothers Grill, as they have done everywhere else.

“I never say, ‘My food is so good,'” Vasquez said. “No. People say it. And when they like it, they come back.”


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