Hamilton man-founded meal kit platform brings restaurant food to your table

A Hamilton man brings the freshness of restaurant fare straight to your table.

chefdropa meal kit platform with its roots in Hamilton, was founded a year ago with the aim of providing a new alternative to restaurants affected by the pandemic and reaching more customers in southern Ontario.

Adam Teolis, founder of Chefdrop and Hamilton resident, told The Spectator he’s noticed Toronto restaurateurs are moving back to the suburbs and not being able to access many of their favorite downtown eateries.

“Restaurants were really struggling to find new ways to grow their business or compete with all the other options people had for delivery. The best way for these people to gain access (to restaurants) was to find a solution where companies could essentially push their product forward,” Teolis explained.

Adam Teolis is the founder of Chefdrop and a resident of Hamilton.chefdrop

Chefdrop’s plans to increase its roster of restaurants in Hamilton are in the works for this summer, but customers already have the option of ordering locally with meal kits from Ray’s Food and Liquor.

“Our goal is that restaurants in Hamilton can then be experienced across Ontario or even shipped nationally,” Teolis said.

Customers have the option of choosing from a variety of meal kits prepared by popular Toronto chefs and restaurants. From aperitifs to complete meals and cuisines of the world. The meal plan includes all the necessary ingredients and instructions, and promises to bring back the fun of cooking.

Teolis told The Spectator that Chefdrop offers a product that doesn’t sacrifice the integrity of the dish. “One of the big differences with Chefdrop and other meal kits is that most of the food is actually pre-prepared and already cooked, 70% of the work is already done,” he said.

The price depends on the restaurant and the meal kit chosen. It can range from $34 for fresh vegetarian rolls from Nuoc Mam that serves two to three people or up to $262 for a six-course meal from Real Sports, a game-day feast that serves seven to eight people.

“Price also tends to be a big factor. So rather than all of the additional fees and delivery costs, if you reach certain types of order thresholds, we include the delivery costs. There is no HST as the meal kits are not subject to it, which is another cost saving,” Teolis said.

According to a 2020 study by the Agri-Food Analysis Laboratory (AAL) at Dalhousie University, more and more Canadians are having food delivered to their homes, which has driven the meal kit industry from $400 million in this year alone.

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