I Heart Mac and Cheese restaurant chain arrives in Hoover

National restaurant chain I Heart Mac and Cheese, specializing in customizable and made-to-order macaroni and cheese bowls and grilled cheese sandwiches, is making its way to Hoover.

Bonita Riddle and Bobby Reuse plan to run two franchises in Hoover and Auburn.

“I Heart Mac & Cheese is a unique and engaging franchise concept that really resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs, including those from diverse backgrounds, but especially professionals in the hospitality industry looking to build a post-career career. fun and profitable pandemic, ”said Stephen Giordanella, CEO and President of I Heart Mac & Cheese, in a press release. “Over the past few months, we’ve opened restaurants in new states and we’re excited to grow our brand further, creating memorable, delicious and convenient dining experiences for communities across the country. “

Riddle said she and Reuse decided to open I Heart Mac & Cheese stores in Alabama because of Reuse’s love for the dish, describing him as a “mac and cheese connoisseur.”

She said one of their locations was supposed to be in her hometown of Decatur, Alabama, but they both decided real estate wasn’t viable for what they were trying to accomplish. She said she then moved to Hoover to run the restaurant there.

“I am delighted to provide a family atmosphere,” said Riddle. “A place where parents can take their children and feel comfortable with their teenagers going there with their friends.”

Riddle said this was the first restaurant they had owned, and while they were excited, the road to opening was somewhat of a challenge.

“As I am not from the Hoover area and Bobby just moved to Georgia to run his business there, it took a long time and a lot of patience to find a place to open an I Heart Mac and Cheese,” she declared. .

They will be looking for hardworking, dedicated and efficient employees, Riddle said.

“The thing we’re going to need first is a general manager, who would oversee the employees,” Riddle said. “We will need someone who is effective in running a restaurant and its employees. ”

The plan is to locate the restaurant at 2503 John Hawkins Parkway, near the intersection of the road with Preserve Parkway. Interior demolition and construction was scheduled to begin in January.

For more information on the restaurant chain, visit iheartmacandcheese.com.

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