I’m a restaurant manager and banned a ‘disgusting’ diner who whistled at my staff ‘like servants’ – then left a nasty review

A RESTAURANT manager has revealed how he BANNED a ‘disgusting’ restaurant which treated its staff ‘like servants’ – before leaving a terrible review.

The manager of Bombay Pickles, a curry house in Stourbridge, accused the disgruntled restaurant of having a ‘disgusting attitude’.


The Bombay Pickles manager gave a furious response to a negative review.Credit: Google

In a damning TripAdvisor review, the restaurant had complained that their party of 26 had waited over three hours to eat.

The reviewer, named Phillip, also alleged that the restaurant added a service charge to the bill without first disclosing it.

“Meet a large group of friends. Service was shocking 3 1/2 hour wait for food and they blamed it on such a big party!!!” the review said.

“Our bill was £162.95, they attempted to charge us £195.55 stating that an additional 10% service charge was being charged. Service charges are illegal if not clearly stated before ordering.”

“The bill was also over 10%. Having eaten at this place for the past 10 years and supported it through Covid as a group, we are disgusted,” Phillip concluded.

However, the restaurant manager, identified as Kashim, pointed out that the large group allegedly failed to order their food before arriving or pay a deposit on the reservation, which is the curry house’s policy for such reservations. important.

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“We are sorry that you were not satisfied with the service provided on this occasion as we were willing to accommodate 26 people with no deposit given as the group organizer is still adamant not to pay a deposit to secure the table,” the reply began.

“Not only were we ready to accommodate, but we even had to politely ask our previous guests if we could relocate them elsewhere to accommodate your reservation which was at 7:30 p.m. But arriving 30 minutes too early arriving at 7:00 p.m.”

Kashim commented that this was unfair to other customers as it clashed with their 2 hour bookings.

“Let’s move on to food orders, for large groups (if accepted), we always ask for orders in advance to avoid service delays and maximum satisfaction.”

“However, in this case, that was not how the orders were taken, but each individual of the 24/7 guests wanted to order individually ON THE DAY.”

Responding to complaints from the review, the furious manager said the service charge was clearly stated on the bill and came to less than 99p per person.

He claimed the charges were clearly displayed on the menu and he had the receipts to prove the amount charged.

It is unfortunate that the petty accusation has “caused such distress” to the group, he added.

Replying further, Kashim accused the group’s ‘main organizer’ of ‘hissing and clapping as if our staff were their personal servants speaking with such a disgusting attitude and mannerisms’.

“Perhaps a gentleman with low self-esteem targeting the opposite sex to feel good about himself,” he speculated.

The enraged response ended up banning Phillip from the restaurant, saying, “We do not condone such appalling behavior for our staff and disruption for our customers, so refuse to take any more bookings from this organiser.”

Bombay Pickles has 480 of its 567 TripAdvisor reviews rated as “excellent” or “very good”.

Satisfied reviewers described it as ‘the best Indian in Stourbridge or the region’ and said ‘would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be well looked after’.

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