Inside Enish, the World’s Largest Nigerian Restaurant Chain: Authentic Nigerian Cuisine in Dubai

Enish is here to bring you authentic Nigerian cuisine in Dubai, the luxurious hub of the United Arab Emirates. the biggest Nigerian Restaurant Chain WorldwideDubai’s Enish is a restaurant and lounge that offers visitors the opportunity to sample Nigerian cuisine “authentically prepared” in this Middle Eastern country.

With six thriving branches across the UK, one in the US and Dubai, Enish is the largest Nigerian restaurant chain in the world. – and it grows. The Dubai outlet has since become the go-to spot for Nigerian celebrities and visitors keen to experience the tasty flavors of West Africa.

Courtesy of Enish

Opening its doors in Dubai in February 2020, the restaurant has thrived despite the circumstances of the upcoming pandemic. Since moving overseas and opening the Middle East’s first outlet in Dubai, Enish will open another outlet in the city on the palm later this year.

“Serving dishes from Nigeria’s diverse culture, Enish brings you a real taste of the country and a special twist on some of your favorite dishes,” the website reads.

Visitors can expect a wide and exciting range of Nigerian classics. On the menu you will find dishes such as red stew, isiewu (also known as ‘goat’s head soup’ or ‘spicy goat’s head’), a traditional dish from Eastern Nigeria, yam pepper soup, jollof rice (a West African favourite) and even Ewedu soup (traditionally from the Yoruba regions of Nigeria, made from jute sheets).

Enish offers Nigerian cuisine in Dubai to provide “a real taste of Nigerian food and drink with a fine dining experience”. Enish is a perfect complement to Dubai’s diverse gastronomic landscape, being a popular destination for luxury and fine dining in the region.

This award-winning hot spot in Dubai offers more than delicious Nigerian cuisine in Dubai, is also known for having the best guest performances and DJs. Black travelers gather at the restaurant and lounge to enjoy a night of good vibes, live music and unbeatable West African energy.

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