Key sustainability and health trends for the 2021 restoration

Speaking on the BigHospitality podcast, Jonathan Dixon, vice president of food services at Arla Foods, says the coronavirus has made people even more aware of where the food they eat comes from and is produced.

“Despite the chaos [of last year] sustainability is always very important to consumers and it is about building trust; trusting supply chains and restaurants, ”he says.

“Consumer demand for sustainable ingredients has grown 52% year over year – we know sustainability is always important to consumers. With restaurants, it’s about being clear about where their food comes from, the quality and sourcing strategies.

Dixon says recent developments, such as Michelin’s awarding of green stars to restaurants that champion sustainable practices, will make sustainability an even more hot topic in the years to come.

“It is a really positive step forward to ensure that the food is not only of high quality, but that it is in fact produced, grown and served in a sustainable way. I can only see the pace and momentum picking up as we progress this year and the next. “

“We’ve seen over many years, whether it’s the horse meat scandal or the coronavirus, that transparency and understanding where your food comes from has never been more important. The requirement for clear labeling, but also on menus, for sustainable and local sourcing as well as the emergence of organic – all these things play a role in what consumers want.

Consumers will also be looking to eat healthier this year, Dixon predicts, with the coronavirus pandemic putting the need for health at the top of many people’s priorities.

“People have had the opportunity to re-evaluate themselves and what they eat and how they eat it and wellness trends continue to grow, be it physical, mental or health. nutritional. After a difficult year, we are all looking to make well-being our top priority, whether in the workplace or what we put in our bodies. “

He also says the pandemic has brought many restaurants and suppliers together and one of the outcomes of the pandemic will be for the industry to forge an even closer relationship.

“In a way, the pandemic has brought people together and I think it’s the same with the supply chain. We had a mentality of being in the same boat and it will continue. “

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