KL restaurant manager responds to FB post with ‘GO F YOURSELF B’ after being criticized online

Although customer service is a fairly important aspect of the food and beverage (F&B) industry, it’s safe enough to say that most customers don’t expect restaurant staff to be absolute saints most of the time.

Of course, this does not mean that customers will accept disastrous or rude service.

Unfortunately, a Malaysian diner encountered service from a restaurant staff that one might even find worse than just plain ‘rude’.

Here is what happened.

A man called a restaurant for not providing free water

On June 18, Facebook user Alex Hooi took to the social media platform to air his grievances over an unpleasant experience he had at a restaurant the previous day.

The restaurant in question? Pizzeria Dihyang, a restaurant located in Kuala Lumpur.

Hooi began his post by writing, “God forbid, if you get sick at Dihyang Pizzeria, they will probably charge you for medical services.

“In my years of catering around the world, I dare say this is the first time I’ve experienced the most shocking excuse for customer service.”

Vomit in the restaurant

According to Hooi, he started feeling nauseous after he finished dinner at the restaurant on June 17.

He then got up to throw up his entire meal in the restaurant’s toilets.

“To be fair, Dihyang’s food cleanliness issue is unlikely, they are quite hygienic as far as I know. Never at any time during dinner did I blame Dihyang for this,” he said. -He specifies.

Hooi then tried to “clean the toilets and bathe myself as best I could.” [he] could” before approaching any service personnel to let the staff know what had happened.

After that he asked the staff member for a glass of hot water to clear his throat.

Staff refused request for hot water

However, instead of being given the glass of water he requested, Hooi’s request was denied instead.

According to Hooi, the waitress told him “without wasting time” that the restaurant did not serve hot water.

Instead, she told him that he could choose to buy a 1 liter bottle of still water at RM23.50 (about S$7.50) if he wanted water.


“I said I didn’t need so much, just a little to clear my burning throat. They still tried to sell me the bottle of water insisting that they had no source of water other than the Sole L’itialiania Still at RM23.50,” Hooi explained.

“Visibly annoyed, I returned to my table. Luckily, my friends had brought their own water bottle and offered me drinking water to clear me up,” Hooi wrote.

The manager said he could have used tap water in the toilets

Hooi later recounted that he told the manager about the incident after paying the bill as feedback.

He explained his intention to do so, writing: “Explain that if your customer is not feeling well and has literally just thrown up the whole dinner, you should not try to sell him! Maybe ask about their well-being, how they feel, offer a glass of water, hoping it wasn’t the food that caused it.

He also noted that neither the duty staff nor the manager asked him if he was “ok” at any time during the incident.

Hooi then asked the manager that the pizzeria “could have provided boiled tap water in this kind of situation”.


And instead of understanding or accepting the comments, the manager responded to his questions by saying, “Sir, if you need tap water to clear your throat, we have tap water in the bathroom”.

Condemnation of the customer service of the pizzeria compared to Italian restaurants

Hooi concluded his post by saying that while the restaurant “can be certified Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana from Italy” and the restaurant’s pizza may be sourced from Naples, the restaurant is severely lacking in customer service.

“Your hospitality is a far cry from the La Fagmilia culture that I have come across in other Italian restaurants,” noted Hooi.

“Even though you left every bit of your humanity abroad, there is still Malaysian hospitality. Don’t expect much though, they might charge you for it.”

Restaurant response on Instagram

Hooi also shared an Instagram story on his Instagram account detailing his experience and talking about the poor service he received.


In response to her Instagram story, the restaurant reposted her story to her own Instagram story and wrote, “Another story maker. Thank you for coming and ciao ciao”.

Manager Response

After Hooi’s Facebook post was uploaded, another Facebook user by the name of Elayne Hoo also wrote a Facebook post in Chinese about her frustrations with some clients.

Hoo is the restaurant manager.

She wrote that she had met some good clients, but she had also met her share of unreasonable clients.

Hoo then said she couldn’t understand how some customers failed to understand that every industry and location had its own set of rules and that many customers she had dealt with recently tried to test her limits.


She then said that she felt like saying out loud to those unreasonable customers “GO F YOURSELF B” every time she met them.

Hoo ended her post by recounting some of the “unreasonable” customers she’s had to deal with, writing that her restaurant also didn’t have tap water to begin with.

Hooi also included screenshots of Hoo’s Facebook post in his own posts, while it appears the manager either deleted his post or changed his privacy settings.

Internet user reactions

After Hoo’s post was posted, many netizens criticized the restaurant’s poor customer service and manager’s attitude on social media.

Some also shared their own experience with the pizzeria, with one commenter writing, “Well I didn’t like their pizza last time I went…didn’t expect their arrogance either on a different level.”


“I saw one of their comments on Google saying they refuse to provide hot water for a mom to heat milk or food for the baby,” another user shared before saying: “Have some flexibility and compassion please.”

Currently, the pizzeria has a 1.7 out of five star rating on Facebook.

“This is so pathetic, for customer service, horrible behavior from all staff. I’m appalled, you have been treated so badly, as I have been a waitress/bartender. worked in travel/tourism/hospitality for 30 years. It’s disgusting,” one netizen commented.

Other netizens also made joking comments at the restaurant’s expense, with one Facebook user jokingly writing, “Don’t complain. They might charge you for their complaint hotline.

There was also a Facebook user who pointed out how he “could tell [that Hooi was] ask [for too] a lot” if the service charge at the restaurant was worth RM6, but the service charge, which was 10%, was nearly RM60 (about S$19).


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Hooi also shared in the comments section that the restaurant does not serve filtered water at all, which caught the attention of some netizens who questioned the cleanliness of the restaurant’s food ingredients.

“Honestly, it’s scary if they don’t have filtered water. This means that they wash their vegetables in…. tap water ?

“I mean I own a cafe and our prices don’t come close to touching theirs and we wash our vegetables in filtered water three times,” one commenter explained.

Facebook users have also left disapproving comments on posts from the pizzeria’s official Facebook page.

“This is not a good thing to do to your client…Have some compassion,” one Facebook user wrote, while another said, “No one wants to go to this inhumane place.”


A netizen also mentioned how the pizzeria manager dug her own grave as someone working in a restaurant business with her Facebook post.

Other netizens have left lighter comments criticizing the establishment, with many asking how much tap water will cost at the restaurant and if they serve customers water from the toilets.

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