MAGA Hat Harassment Incident of Miami Cheesecake Factory “Overblown”, Restaurant Chain Says


Is there a sadder phrase in English than “The Cheesecake Factory calls out a man for possibly lying during an appearance on the President’s favorite cable TV show?” (No.) Can the news cycle get dumber than “the Conservatives are crazy that a mediocre restaurant chain isn’t patriotic enough?” (The answer to this question is probably yes, one way or another.)

Today is now, officially, the darkest day of Donald Trump’s first 16 months in office. Over the weekend, a Miami man, Eugenior Joseph, sent the right-wing blogosphere into a spiral of rage after claiming that Cheesecake Factory employees looked down upon him and “snapped their fingers” around him, all because he wore a “Make America Great Again” hat at the Dadeland Mall chain location on Mother’s Day. He says they were very upset because he is black.

Someone in Joseph’s team called Miami-Dade County Police, who arrived at the restaurant, did nothing and left, as it seemed almost nothing had happened. This did not prevent Joseph from appearing today on Fox and his friends, one of our big baby president’s only sources of information to complain about his alleged treatment at the damn Cheesecake Factory. The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro’s absurd news site, revealed the story and somehow claimed that employees had set up a “lynching mob” around the boss wearing MAGA, and other media outlets. Right-wingers have claimed the incident was an “attack” – but many of those claims have not stood up to basic scrutiny levels.

Now after the appearance of Joseph the Fox and his friends, the cheesecake factory – the cheesecake factory! – applauded and tweeted a statement this morning claiming Joseph or the right-wing media are exaggerating the story. The company says only two employees made “derogatory remarks” about Joseph’s MAGA hat, and the restaurant’s surveillance cameras don’t seem to corroborate much of what Joseph is telling people.

“We take this situation seriously [editor’s note: Please kill us], however, not all of the information reported by the media accurately describes what happened, ”the restaurant said around 10:30 am this morning. “The situation may have been exacerbated by an all staff meeting that took place during our shift change between our staff members working lunch and dinner – which may have been perceived as a crowd gathering near the guest tables. “

This version of events is certainly not what Joseph claimed to have happened. He said New times yesterday he showed up at the restaurant on Sunday with “11 or 12 people” for a Mother’s Day celebration but a whole crowd of employees pointed their hats, made jokes about knocking him down, and even booed him when he walked to the bathroom. He claims he left without eating and that the ordeal terrified his girlfriend’s elderly grandparents. Joseph claims he has video clips of the incident, but so far, for some strange reason, he has not released the footage.

“There was a guy behind me, staring at me, shaking my hand in a fist,” Joseph said yesterday. “They were disrespectful, jokingly saying they were going to put stuff in our food. We left without eating.”

Someone in his party called the cops: a police report New times obtained shows that the agents were absolutely not concerned with what was happening that day.

“No threats were made,” the report said. “No physical altercation took place.”

Of course, that didn’t stop the conservative media from completely losing their minds – the Blaze claimed that a “mob” of employees intimidated Joseph, while Fox News called the incident an “attack.” (Hilarious, a right-wing YouTuber named “Red Pill Philosophy” went to Dadeland restaurant yesterday, wore a “Trump 2020” shirt, filmed himself being treated fairly nicely by the staff, and then said on his show that he thought the Joseph’s incident was probably “too good to be true.”) According to CBS News, the channel’s share price has fallen 2% since news of the news broke. ‘ordeal broke out.

Somehow, the president has yet to launch a series of angry tweets against Cheesecake Factory.

A few hours later, a restaurant chain that sells such dishes as ‘Pizza Style Chicken Parmesan’ and ‘Craig’s Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake’ decided she had had it. enough of this shit and applauded on Twitter. So kudos to a restaurant chain that serves health food in a menu section called “Skinnylicious” for consistently having more factual integrity than America’s biggest cable outlet.


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