Man throws iguana at restaurant manager in Ohio and is arrested

We can’t stress this enough: don’t throw iguanas at people. It’s bad for the person you’re attacking, it’s bad for you, and most importantly, it’s bad for the iguana. You wouldn’t think we would have to say that. And yet we do.

According to a local police press release, a 49-year-old man from Painesville, Ohio walked into a Perkins around noon earlier this week and, shortly after, tossed a menu to a waitress. The man became more and more belligerent and the restaurant manager tried to put him down. The man then “pulled an iguana from under his sweatshirt and started swinging the animal overhead in a circular motion” and threw it at the handler.

The approximately two-foot-tall reptile missed its target, the man picked it up and the two left the restaurant. This happened on Tuesday morning. Will something like this ever happen again? We hope not, but who says?

The iguana, which KOAM reports is called Copper, was taken to the Lake County Humane Society and found to have suffered a broken leg bone. This was most likely the result of the confrontation and will require surgery.

The man was apprehended and arrested a few blocks from the restaurant. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and cruelty to animals.

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