New chain of seafood restaurants in 9 arrondissements

46 personalized units under SAF will be managed by trained women from the fishing community

The Society for Assistance to Fisherwomen (SAF) is set to open a chain of 46 personalized seafood restaurants in nine coastal districts of Kerala as part of the Theeramythri project. Aiming to provide sustainable income to its 230 beneficiaries, the restaurants will follow a slightly different model from other Theeramythri units. “The cost of the project is around 6.67 lakh for each unit and the women will receive a grant of 5 lakh. In addition to the 75% government grant, 20% will be bank loans and the rest will be a contribution from beneficiaries. We have already approached Kerala Bank for the loan. The restaurants should be operational from the beginning of February, ”said Sreelu NS, executive director of SAF. According to the current list, Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Ernakulam will be the neighborhoods with the most restaurants.

More professionally

Theeramythri, SAF’s flagship program that facilitates alternative livelihoods for women in the fishing community, already has a chain of restaurants operating in various parts of the state. Although launched as part of the project, the new set of restaurants will feature five-member units with an exclusive logo and a more professional outlook.

“Women will receive 10-day non-residential training initially and on-the-job sessions in the next phase. In addition to sessions aimed at improving their culinary skills, they will be briefed on client management and running a business, ”explains Ms. Sreelu.

Reasonable rates

She adds that while the concept is similar to the Janakeeya hotels in Kudumbashree, the prices will be slightly different and the menu more elaborate. “Depending on the catch, the menu will vary, but the focus will be on Kerala cuisine which will include regional recipes and those developed by the women. The idea is to offer seafood specialties at reasonable prices, making them affordable for all sections, ”she says.

All beneficiaries of the project were selected from the Fisherfolk Family Register, including those engaged in the sale of fish and other related activities. SAF is also exploring the possibilities of modernizing the current Theeramythri restaurants so that all units can be grouped under one logo. “We are also providing working capital to women engaged in the sale of fish under another project. Last time, 1,000 women in Alappuzha were offered interest-free loans with the aim of integrating them into an institutional credit system. This year, the project will have 1,750 beneficiaries from the coastal districts, ”she adds.

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