Popular restaurant chain decides to use only Maine potatoes

Good news for the Russet Caribou!

Be proud that when you order a baked potato at any 99 restaurant in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and Auburn, Augusta, Biddeford and from Topsham, Maine, you order a Maine potato!

According to Bangor Daily NewsRestaurant 99 (I bet you got the jingle stuck in your head now) has 103 restaurants in 7 states and all of them will use potatoes from Irving Farms in Caribou. It was a record potato harvest and this deal is just good news on top of the good news!

Maine DOT via Facebook

Maine DOT via Facebook

This Caribou Russet is a pretty new potato (other potatoes will be used for fries, mash and skins). It was developed by the University of Maine Potato Breeding Program with help from the Maine Potato Board just 5 years ago. I know, I paused too when I saw ‘potato farming‘. Either way, it was bred to resist disease and insects. It was obviously named after Caribou, Maine.

The 99 might have used the Caribou Russet even sooner, but Covid hit and put the restaurant industry on its heels. They literally started all this Maine potato talk just a few years ago. When things started to relax, they started talking again.

Restaurant 99 is super happy to support a local supplier. Irving Farms has been around since 1936 and they have invested heavily in Caribou Russet dedicating more than half of their massive 920 acres to this potato. The Russet Caribou is the “it” potato right now with everyone wanting it. Apparently it has a fantastic natural flavor that is “top notch”. Well, if that doesn’t lead you to the nearest 99 restaurant, I don’t know what will!

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