Ravi owner sells assets to keep Pakistani restaurant chain afloat

Ravi owner Chaudary Abdul Hameed
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Dubai: Pakistani restaurant chain Ravi is in dire financial straits, but the popular restaurant is not for sale and everything will be done to keep the business afloat, its managing director confirmed to Gulf News on Sunday.

“For the sake of our customers who have come to us and enjoyed our food, and in a country that has transformed my father from a worker to a restaurateur, we will do everything possible to make this continue,” said the General Manager Waheed Abdul. Hameed, the son of Chaudary Abdul Hameed, who started the business in 1978.

Like all restaurants in Dubai, Ravi closed during the 24-hour sterilization program and just reopened after Ramadan at reduced capacity.

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Ravi restaurant has three branches in Satwa, Karama and Al Nahda
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“In accordance with government regulations, we opened one of the branches for dinner (at 30 percent capacity). The numbers are improving, but our books are far from good, ”said Waheed.

“We are doing everything we can to keep the restaurant running. We sell our assets for this. I have to pay my creditors. I was also forced to cut wages by 50 percent. While I don’t want to let them go, some of my staff want to go home. It is a difficult situation. But we will bounce back for sure, ”he said.

“Our delivery business alone will not run our restaurant. The dinner has to start at full capacity, otherwise we will not be able to cover the salaries of more than seventy staff in addition to handling other expenses, ”he added.

He said the biggest expense was rent.

When asked why the family wanted to keep the restaurant, he added, “It’s our bread and butter. The Ravi restaurant transformed my blue-collar father into a restaurateur. The love of the people who have flocked to our restaurant for our authentic Pakistani cuisine cannot be forgotten. The land and people of UAE poured out their love on my father, we cannot leave him and go like this. We are here to fight the situation in the right way possible, ”he added.

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