Restaurant Chain Growth Report 01/28/20


( released its latest report on the growth of restaurant chains.

Restaurant Chain Growth Report 01/28/20Growing concepts of multi-unit operators
Concepts that have increased by at least 5% (if less than 50 units).

BEAN AROUND THE WORLD COFFEES (founded 1990) of North Vancouver, British Columbia has grown by 6 units, from 21 to 27 (29% growth). This quick-serve cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a price range of $ 4 to $ 12 and up per person. The stores have limited places. All locations are in British Columbia.

BEGGAR’S PIZZA (founded 1976) based in Blue Island, IL, has grown by 3 units, from 23 to 26 (13% growth). This family-friendly / casual pizzeria is open for lunch and dinner, averaging $ 6-15 and up per person. Beer is served. The average unit can accommodate around 100 people. Online ordering, delivery, catering and private party services are available. The locations are franchised and trade in IL and IN.

BIBIBOP ASIAN GRILL (founded 2013), based in Columbus, OH, has grown by 13 units, from 30 to 43 (43% growth). The concept is quick and relaxed, open for lunch and dinner, with a price range of $ 6 to $ 15 and up per person. The number of seats is approximately 30. Dining and online ordering options are available. The stores are franchised and do business in CA, DC, IL, MD and OH. Bibibop is a subsidiary of Charleys Philly Steaks.

DELMONICO’S ITALIAN STEAKHOUSE, based in Albany, NY (founded 1998) grew by one unit, from 6 to 7 (17% growth). This upscale steakhouse is open for dinner, averaging $ 15- $ 50 + per person. The restaurants have full bar service and an average capacity of around 150 people. Banquet services are available. The shopping areas are FL and NY.

Emerging and re-emerging concepts
Concepts with 20 units or less that have increased by at least 2 units.

Marietta, GA J. CHRISTOPHER’S RESTAURANT (founded 1997) has grown by 4 units, from 20 to 24 (20% growth). This family / casual concept is open for breakfast and lunch, specializing in breakfast foods. The number of places is approximately 125. The places are negotiated in GA and TN. The franchise is available.

Repetitive cultivators
Concepts already written in the last 18 months.

BARTECA RESTAURANT GROUP based in Irving, Texas (founded 1995) has grown by 2 units for the Barcelona Wine Bar concept, from 15 to 17 (concept growth of 13%) and 6 units for the Bartaco concept, from 16 to 22 (38% growth of the concept). The overall increase for the company has gone from 31 to 39 (26% growth). The restaurants are upscale, serving Spanish and Mexican cuisines. Meal times are lunch and dinner, with a checkout average of $ 15 to $ 50 and over per person. The restaurants offer full bar service and can accommodate an average of 150 people. Catering and banquet services are available. The commercial areas are AL, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, MA, NC, NY, PA, TN and VA. We last wrote about this concept on 10/09/18 (7% growth).

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