Restaurant chain Hooters signs 51 college offensive linemen nationwide for name, image and likeness deals

Restaurant chain Hooters announced Monday that it has signed 51 college football offensive linemen to name, image and look like teams across the country.

The chain said it wanted to sign offensive line groups, rather than individual athletes, and is now working with players from Auburn, LSU, Oklahoma, Miami, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Florida Atlantic and USF.

“For decades, the offensive lineman’s physical play, blue-collar mentality and on-field leadership have shone, but the national praise and attention for these crucial players has too often been pushed aside,” he said. said Bruce Skala, chief marketing officer of Hooters. in a press release. “We want to change the narrative and celebrate these elite student-athletes who play a pivotal role in making college football so exciting and giving them their fair share of glory.”

Some of the names that have signed include McKade Mettauer, Andrew Raym and Wanya Morris from Oklahoma, EJ Ndoma-Ogar from Missouri, Kardell Thomas, Miles Frazier and Marcus Dumervil from LSU, and Pierce Quick and Paul Tchio from Georgia Tech among a long list of others.

Part of the NIL partnership will include players visiting Hooters sites, performing in social media campaigns for the company, and encouraging fans to use the restaurant for tailgate and watch parties during the college football season.

“It’s an honor to have Hooters promote great players up front and champion the hard work, dedication and spirit of offensive linemen in college football,” Quick said in a statement. “As an offensive line, Hooters is all about camaraderie and a good time, and I think I speak for all linemen in saying we’re extremely excited to partner with a restaurant we already love and throw wings.”

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