Restaurant chain Tim Hortons announces limited-time £2.99 meal deal

Canadian restaurant chain Tim Hortons is launching a limited edition £2.99 meal deal at its UK branches this month. Diners will be able to get a hot meal for less than £3 at any of 49 outlets across the country from March 3-31.

Some of the items available as part of the deal include Tim’s Smoked Maple Burger Meal, Tim’s Double Bacon Burger Meal, Tim’s Crispy Chicken Stack Meal, and a Vegan Wrap Meal. All the main options – including sandwiches and fondues – are included in the offer, which also come with lattice fries and a small hot or cold drink.

The offer is available from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day until the end of the month. The reduced price means that some meals will be available for up to 65% off the regular price.

Crispy Chicken Stack Meal

A statement from Tim Hortons said: “Calling all discerning shoppers – Tim Hortons, the iconic Canadian restaurant brand, is about to launch a limited edition meal deal for just £2.99, which means that bargain hunters, brand fans, and hungry diners alike can get a delicious hot meal up to 65% off. Get in on the action March 3-31 between 5-11 p.m., and get your hands on any delicious evening main option, including sandwiches, burgers, wraps and fudge, with a side of lattice fries and a small hot or cold drink.So if you haven’t tried Tim Hortons yet, now is your chance to visit and tantalize your taste buds with your new favorite dining experience.

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