Restaurant food prices are up 50% from 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – As Michael Schmitt would say, there isn’t a job he hasn’t done at Angio’s Italian Restaurant.

“I was 17, it was the summer after my senior year and I just had a lot of my friends working at the old place and I had just graduated from high school, looking for something to do.” , Schmitt said.

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  • Local restaurateurs must make tough decisions about price increases to stay afloat in the face of inflation and supply chain issues
  • The CPI for out-of-home restaurants rose 0.5% in September 2021
  • Michael Schmitt has worked for the Italian restaurant Angio’s for 25 years
  • The pandemic continues to cause shortages and skyrocketing food prices

25 years later, Schmitt has remained loyal to the restaurant and now has the new title of owner. But the last 18 months as a restaurant owner have been tough.

The things restaurants need to buy have increased by 50% since last year, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

“Everything grew by at least 6%, in some cases 8%,” Schmitt said. “We sell a lot of fish on Friday. I used to buy 60 pound cases for a certain price and now I buy 45 pound cases for the same price, so do the math.”

A big source of Angio’s income is from their buffet, but COVID-19 has all but crippled that income line.

“When you sell, 40 people get the buffet on average and then go down to 10 on average per day, which is important and definitely felt it and it’s gradually coming back to that, but we’re not even halfway there,” a Schmitt said.

For Schmitt, that meant getting creative about ways to keep his business alive, starting with changing the menu at Angio.

“I increased about 6%, so basically taxes,” Schmitt said. “So that will look at the small scale that you look at 25 cents on our bigger bill, you look at three dollars and four cents, so that will be important to us as long as we stick to our end of the bargain and provide quality food.

Schmitt hopes these small changes will do the trick.

“You can either fall back or get creative over the past 18 months. And that has helped, but there just comes a point where you have no choice and that’s about where we are at and hopefully that’s all it will take and hopefully everything will come back, ”Schmitt said.

The Italian restaurant Angio’s will have the prices adjusted in its menu from Monday. The USDA said grocery store purchases also rose 1.1% on average from August 2021 to September 2021.

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