Restaurant Manager Has ‘Rude’ Customer With Epic Angry Email Response


RTISSAGE: The restaurant returns to the angry customer

Unsatisfied with his experience at By The River Brew Co.’s Träkol Restaurant in Gateshead, the client decided to contact us.

But if he was hoping for a gushing apology and an invitation to come home to dinner, he was sorely mistaken.

Rather, a manager chose to share the punter’s grievance on Twitter, along with his own impressive response.

In his complaint, the restaurateur presents himself as a “well-educated”, independent businessman “from a wealthy background”.

He says he has eaten in “the best restaurants in Newcastle, Europe and the Caribbean”.

“CRAP”: the restaurant was not impressed by the restaurant

PANNED: The restaurant’s response was epic

And he goes after the “crappy food at exorbitant prices” and “low budget supermarket wines” on offer at Träkol.

Aiming at the chef, he criticizes “salted crustaceans” and suggests that the cook is “thick or vegan”.

The staff considered this to be a “personal attack” and prepared their own epic response.

First, they express their shock at the inability of a well-educated man to differentiate between “bread and breeding”.

They also defend the chef, conceding that he may be “a bit fat” but definitely not vegan or thick.

There are a lot of other highlights when they separate the email from the man. You can read them in the email pictured above.

Housed in shipping containers, Träkol is located on the banks of the River Tyne.

Food critic Jay Rayner described it as “outrageously good”.


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