Restaurant manager hits back after video shows worker babysitting child in kitchen

A restaurant manager has viewers divided when a video went viral showing workers entertaining his toddler in the kitchen of a pizzeria.

The father, who goes by the name “mixxedjesus” on TikTok, works as a general manager at a Little Caesar pizza chain in the US, shared a post from his employees dancing in the kitchen.

Her baby girl gets up in bed and watches them while the song Cocomelon plays in the background.

The clip quickly sparked concerns with parents who said it was unsafe to put a young child in a working kitchen.

“Yeah, you expect me to believe there’s not a single knife in this whole building, not a single one?” asked a viewer.

The restaurant manager brought his daughter to work and kept her in a cot

And a second wrote: “This is so unsanitary can I call the company about this?”

But others supported the dad’s decision and said he had set a good example to encourage other workplaces to be more baby-friendly.

“I’m a single mom struggling to find and keep my child safe, wish my manager would let me,” one said.

Another commented: “All due respect to their boss for letting parents take their babies to work.”

Two workers were dancing in front of the toddler to get his attention
Two workers were dancing in front of the toddler to get his attention

A third joked: ‘That’s how people got their 20 years of work experience while they’re still in college.

The TikToker also hit back at the trolls by posting another video to show off the kitchen.

He showed the prep station and the cooking station and showed where he put his child.

“Anything grabbable…it’s up to here,” he said as he pulled out a pizza cutter from the “knife block.”

“Does that look like a knife to you? You said my daughter was going to grab it but she’s over there. I think you’re too preoccupied with something you know nothing about.”

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