Restaurant manager pays next for employees during pandemic

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NORMAN, Oklahoma (KFOR) – There’s an old saying that every picture tells a story. It is the image of a leader, a leader with a servant’s heart. These are images sent by server Shanna Sutterfeild who appointed Caleb Hill, director of Norman’s Neighborhood Jam, for Pay It Forward.

Bobby Burger of First Fidelity Bank says it’s a great nomination.

“So I’m here to present for KFOR for Caleb on behalf of First Fidelity Bank $ 400. Here’s one, two, three, and four, and we really enjoy what you’re doing, ”says Burger.

So I teamed up with Shanna and Michael Kraft of Hal Smith Restaurants to trick Caleb into a Zoom call that he said was about the growing popularity of upscale breakfast restaurants.

“Just a place where they could have a drink in the morning or maybe a latte or a meal. They could probably go to dinner when it comes to quality, ”Michael says of the industry.

Caleb intervenes: “We offer so many things the way you want to do it. Honestly we don’t care what you get, come in.

Now is the time to surprise.

“Hey, look who’s just joined us. Shanna is here, ”I said on our Zoom call. “So, Caleb, Michael got you into a little trick here,” I said. “You are truly here because Shanna nominated you for our Pay It Forward Award, which is an award we give to people who do great things in their community and truly touch the lives of others where they are.”

“So, Shanna, tell Caleb why you nominated him for our Pay It Forward award.

Shanna says, “Well we’ve had a rough year and we just want to thank you for always having the best attitude and being super understanding, and you’re just awesome, man! So we really appreciate it. So on behalf of First Fidelity Bank and News Channel 4, we’re going to give you $ 400! “

Caleb Hill at work.

Shanna tells me that Caleb has done his best to help his employees adjust to the financial pressure the pandemic has placed on the restaurant industry, and Caleb is genuinely surprised at the price.

” I do not know what to say ! You are punks! Caleb said. “You made me do all of this on TV. Thank you, Shanna, thank you, Michael, thank you, Kent!

“I guess cool guys don’t always end up last,” he says. “It’s easy to open your heart and let in the people and everything we’ve been through, the whole world, the whole county. “

“Last year… hey you can complain or you can learn how to deal, and we at Hal Smith and Jam have learned to treat and care for our people throughout the day and that’s a lot, ”Caleb says. you don’t know. You got me.

Michael replies, “You deserve it.”

Yes, that’s right, Caleb. So keep showing leadership, compassion and smiles as a way to pay it forward.

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