Restaurant manager returns after kids serve chicken and chips on Christmas Day

A restaurant manager has defended serving chicken and chips to a customer’s children on Christmas Day, saying there has been no demand for a traditional Christmas dinner.

Rick Arpino visited the Ruposhi Indian Bar & Restaurant in Bury, Greater Manchester, with his partner and their four children on Christmas Day.

The two adults ordered Indian meals for themselves and a traditional Christmas dinner for the children – but say when the food arrived the children were served chicken, chips and a fried tomato, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Leaving a scathing review on TripAdvisor, the man wrote: “I confirmed the reservation over the phone – two Indian dinners for the adults and a traditional Christmas for the children.

“I then visited the manager before the visit to inform me that they had decided not to serve turkey but chicken instead due to a lack of bookings – it was not a huge change and the kids wouldn’t notice anyway.

Credit: TripAdvisor

“WOW!! Yes, I knew the meat had changed, but I didn’t bother to inform myself that they had decided not to serve the Christmas toppings at all and had swapped them for CHIPS and a half -FRIED TOMATO – seriously!!

“What an absolute farce of a restaurant – Christmas dinner ruined for our children on the whim of this establishment.”

However, restaurant manager Shah Munim said customers were called before December 25 to take orders and explained that the restaurant would not be doing a traditional roast turkey due to lack of interest.

Munim said it wasn’t worth the “all the hard work” to get the turkey and all the trimmings together when so few people wanted to order it.

He said: “We want to please our customers. We gave them options. And they chose chicken and chips.

“I completely agree with them, they are not happy. I did my best.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

“But unfortunately after they left they wrote on Facebook and TripAdvisor. I don’t know why they are doing this.”

He added: “It’s a very difficult time to run a business at the moment.

“It’s easy for them to write a review on TripAdvisor, but it’s hard to run a business and keep customers happy.”

Other happy customers chimed in to support the restaurant, with one person commenting: “We went yesterday, no complaints, we all had the curry – amazing. After all, it’s an Indian curry house. If you want English food I would I suggest you go to a pub or somewhere They came to ask if you are ok so you should really (sic) say something and not pester them all over Facebook .

Another wrote: “I think Christmas dinner was ruined the second you decided to go get an Indian for Christmas dinner!”

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