Restaurant owner cries during national speech by Cyril Ramaphosa

There was a photo of a restaurant manager caught crying, which took to social media after President Ramaphosa’s nationwide speech last night regarding the country’s move to lockdown level 4.

The photo was taken as the president addressed the nation on the way forward in dealing with the rapid increase in Covid-19 cases in South Africa.

Ramaphosa has announced that the country will be upgraded to Level 4, which means restaurants will be closed for sit-ins and will only be open for deliveries and take-out.

The photo was taken by Kaylee Bush at 8:20 p.m. sharp at the Fat Cactus restaurant in Cape Town just after Ramaphosa announced the restaurants were closing.

Restaurant manager at Fat Cactus. Photo: Facebook

The photo was shared by Facebook User Peach Piche, not particularly for the sadness of the picture, but to remind people that everyone in the hospitality industry needs our help in this crisis.

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“Restaurants have refrigerators full of food without a closing warning. The grief that they have let their staff go, knowing full well that there is no support and that they have families to support, is devastating! Many restaurants will not survive it. Some have closed their doors for two weeks and others are trying to make every penny they can, ”Piche said.

Sharing the photo on social media, Piche also shared some tips on how we can help hospitality professionals.

Please show your support by:

  • Order take-out at your favorite sit-down restaurant;
  • Buy vouchers to use later, even as gifts for birthdays, etc.
  • Ask the owner for the mobile number of your favorite server and send him an electronic wallet; and
  • Watch the musicians live streaming and donate what you can.

“The money you may have spent on your drink can now be donated to make a difference and help those who are crushed through no fault of their own. Please stay safe, ”Piche said.

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