Russia relaunches and rebrands McDonald’s restaurant chain

Russia has reopened its McDonald’s fast food chain under a new name, launching in Pushkin Square where McDonald’s had its first restaurant in 1990.

On Sunday, McDonald’s restaurants, now under new Russian ownership and under a new name, Vkusno-i tochka, launched in Moscow.

The new name translates to “Tasty and that’s it”.

The famous McDonald’s logo has been replaced by a new logo consisting of the letter “M” and symbols representing fries and a hamburger on a green background.

Al Jazeera quoted chief executive Oleg Paroev, a former Russian director of McDonald’s, as saying the new company decided on the new name a day before its launch on Sunday.

In March, McDonald’s announced it would close all 850 stores in Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s military assault on Ukraine.

In May, McDonald’s began selling its business in Russia, in light of its five-month attack in Ukraine.

The fast food company, which had 850 restaurants in Russia, said retaining its business in Russia was “no longer tenable, nor in line with McDonald’s values”.

Longtime McDonald’s franchisee Alexander Govor took over the operation through his company GiD LLC. Mr Govor has been a McDonald’s licensee since 2015 and has helped the chain expand into Siberia, where he ran 25 restaurants.

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