Salt City Market: the concept of the “Food Hall” restaurant opens on Friday January 29 in downtown Syracuse

The Salt City Market adds something new to the city center: a true cultural crossroads where people of various origins and economic means can come to shop and socialize..

Immediately after entering Salt City Market, you are visually taken to an assortment of colorful signs, each representing a different restaurant. The highly anticipated Salt City Market is set to open on January 29, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the most diverse food assortment you can find under one roof in Syracuse. Setup with 10 vendors, the space is similar to what you would see in a casino, mall, or (gasp) Wegmans, Dewitt. You will have access to an array of culinary experiences that make it a festival of nations for food.

Sleyrow Mason’s “Solutions”

Salt City Market is about food, culture, and helping people build financial security by doing what they love. According to the executives of the Salt City Market, “Imagine a bustling market in downtown Syracuse: stalls with merchants selling fine food from around the world, a grocery store, a cafe, a bar, events, a game space and the opportunity to live and work on top. It’s what we build a place where everyone feels out of place.

They didn’t just build the bricks and mortar with a concept of placing individual food vendors under one roof. The project went into the bowels to start a restaurant – equipment. Salt City Market supplies each stall with plumbing / electrical, range hood, Ansul, oven, hob, grill or fryer (if requested), refrigeration, 3 bay sink, prep tables and POS (point of sale). These expenses alone are enough to stop any business dreams.

Vendors were also helped to build relationships with financial institutions. Pathfinder Bank’s Calvin Corridors has been named as having been instrumental in working with restaurants in the Salt City Market for the necessary funding.

Thai Cuisine Firecracker

Below the restaurants, out of sight are storage areas for each vendor. Each has access to their own dry storage area in addition to the individually allocated space sanctioned in a large cold room. Salt City Coffee & Bar has a unique setup, the kegs leading to the taps are located directly below, providing easy access. The result of this design is visual on the first floor because the sellers have a clutter-free sales area, the kitchen is visible to the consumer. You can watch while your food is being prepared.

Firas Hashim, owner of the Baghdad restaurant, said: “I like this style, it is open to customers, you can see the Chwarma, the chicken and the gyroscope, everything is fresh.” He also shared that his food will be special because of the spices he uses, describing how there can be multiple ways to season foods depending on the region. That’s why he thinks the Baghdad restaurant will be well received by customers, “it’s unlike anything you’ve tasted in Syracuse”.

Miss Prissy’s Dreamer Glen

Dreamer Glen, owner of Miss Prissy’s Soul Food, explained what inspired her to start this business: “My grandma inspired me, my grandma was passionate about cooking, people loved what she was doing. cooked and when she cooked people were happy. I learned everything I know from her, she was my inspiration. When she died, it was up to me to continue the family meals, my mother and my aunts, that’s what we do.

What attracted her to the City Market? Ms Glen continues, “The opportunity has presented itself, and for black and brown people, especially women in the city of Syracuse, things can be very difficult. Access to finance, access to finance and to the Salt City market was a competitive process. And the end result was this, so I said, “why not give it a try and see what happens”. We have competed against some of the best, the best. And there you have it, it’s wonderful, so I would say that access to finance and capital made it difficult. I have been a caterer for 17 years but I have never been able to have bricks and mortar. It’s exciting to be able to do this under the auspices of the Syracuse Urban Partnership and the Allyn Foundation. By making these opportunities available to us, we also have some skin in the game. But it’s a great partnership.

Meg O’Connell, Dave Allyn and Maarten Jacobs

According to the Syracuse Urban Partnership, “Salt City Market adds something new to the downtown area: a true cultural hub where people from diverse backgrounds and economic means can come to shop and socialize. We believe the best way to create such a space is to: Help incubate small food businesses. Create a mixed-use space with everything from a grocery store to a children’s play area to an evening lounge bar; in addition to the weekly event series designed for and by our community.

Apartments are currently rented on the Salt City Market Floor at affordable rates read more: Affordable Downtown Living Upstairs from City Market

The Allyn Family Foundation and the Syracuse Urban Partnership have created a project that, if successful, will be the envy of those working to bring positive energy and economic diversity to a besieged urban area. It has to be the most holistic approach to economic empowerment ever implemented in Syracuse. The only conundrum left is which food to select, for your first visit to the Salt City Market which opens January 29.e

Salt City Market is the embodiment of Mayor Walsh’s vision – “a growing city that embraces diversity and creates opportunity for all”. “

Salt city market

Regional and international cuisine from talented and motivated entrepreneurs

Salt City Market Vendors

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