Saskatoon police acted with “the utmost professionalism” in arresting Raymond Montgrand, restaurant manager says

DISCLAIMER: This story contains details and images that some readers may find distressing.

Things could have turned out very differently if the Saskatoon police hadn’t overpowered Raymond Montgrand the night he broke into a restaurant and threatened to shoot himself and the police, Courtney Cannon said.

Cannon was the duty manager at Picaro Cocktails & Tacos on June 23 when Montgrand, 51, entered the business as he was fleeing from the police and was then placed under Taser in the alley, she says.

Montgrand remains hospitalized three weeks after the altercation.

According to his son Ryan Ratt, Montgrand suffered a brain injury that required surgeons to remove part of his skull and could affect his future motor functions.

Ratt wants to know if the police used other types of force that could explain his father’s injuries, which also included a black eye and bruises on his head, he said.

Ryan Ratt took this photo of his father Raymond Montgrand at the hospital this week. (Ryan Ratt)

In an email, Cannon recounted what she and the staff saw. She declined to be interviewed.

“I am convinced that the police acted with the utmost professionalism and did their best to alleviate a situation which could have had a radically different end,” she said.

Although officers turned Montgrand onto his stomach and handcuffed him after he was tasered, no excessive force was used, such as hitting or pushing him, Cannon said.

“Once handcuffed, he was taken to the ambulance and that was the end of the incident.”

Staff covered to protect themselves: director

The Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) declined to comment on the incident as it is under investigation by the Regina Police Service.

According to an earlier statement issued by the SPS, officers were looking for a wanted man on warrant who was wearing a black and white shirt and riding a bicycle.

Minutes later, officers spotted Montgrand, who they said matched the description. Montgrand was not the person they were looking for, although he too had outstanding mandates.

Montgrand refused to stop, police said.

Cannon said Montgrand jumped off sidewalks and crossed traffic in the wrong direction near the corner of Idylwyld Drive and 20th Street W. before ditching his bike in the middle of the street and hitting the main entrance to Picaro.

Montgrand left his bike in the street and came across this business, says the manager. (Matt Garand / CBC)

As police set up a perimeter, an officer followed Montgrand into the restaurant’s kitchen, she said.

Montgrand threatened to shoot himself in the head if the officer continued to chase him, Cannon said.

Several staff members heard Montgrand threatening to use a gun and saw the officer draw his gun, she said.

“Our staff took cover as soon as [Montgrand] shouted that, “she said.

Montgrand came out through a back door and encountered more officers outside, according to Cannon and the police statement.

“He started backing away from the cops, trying to get out through the alley [and] threatening to shoot them, ”Cannon said.

The agents put Montgrand in the alley. (Matt Garand / CBC)

Montgrand did not follow orders to show his hands, Cannon said.

Although restaurant staff did not see Montgrand with a gun, he appeared to be hiding something throughout the incident, she said.

“He seemed to be holding something in his shorts from the start of what we witnessed. When he dropped his bike he made sure to hold what it was or what he was hinting to have under. his shorts. This continued until he was tasered and overpowered. “

The police statement did not indicate whether a weapon had been found on Montgrand.

Police used a stun gun on him as he fled and he fell to the ground head first, Cannon said.

“The police put him on his stomach and put the handcuffs on him. Four policemen were needed to control him completely,” she said.

“He never offered his second hand until [he was detained]. “

Officers placed Montgrand in the ambulance and took him to hospital, where he remains.

Incident under review

Montgrand’s son Ratt has asked eyewitnesses or anyone with video footage to come forward. He could not be reached for comment on Cannon’s account.

Saskatoon Police said the Regina Police investigation will include a review of the onboard camera video.

Cannon said parts of the incident were captured by company security cameras and the video was turned over to police.

“To protect the privacy of our staff, we will not release the video to the media,” she said.

Staff sought help from a trauma specialist after the incident, Cannon said.

The SPS Use of Force Committee is reviewing officers’ actions, while the provincial Department of Justice has appointed two observers to monitor the Regina Police investigation.

Montgrand is from the Dene Nation of Clearwater River in the far northwest of Saskatchewan. In accordance with changes made last year to the province’s Police Act, two observers, including an Indigenous person, are now called upon by the ministry to monitor investigations involving death or serious injury if the incident involved a person from the police. First Nations or Métis.

In the case of Montgrand’s arrest, an indigenous investigative observer was not available at the time the observers were requested, a ministry spokesperson said.

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