Through Lutho Pasiya Jul 13, 2021

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Nando’s has become synonymous with delicious flame grilled chicken, but also a hilarious marketing and media team.

The fast food restaurant regularly produces witty and funny advertisements related to Mzansi’s news.

This week, they targeted a man who claimed the restaurant’s food as his own.

“One thing about me, I can cook. Uzobezwake abanye”Wrote Twitter user @ Siyethembe02.

Siyethemba’s meal consisted of rice, spinach, green salad, potato crisps and chicken which obviously came from fast food.

Nando’s team didn’t miss a beat and responded in a quoted tweet saying:

“You can cook, mara identity theft e kana? ?? Ema nyana ka bo crook. Asseblief!

The tweeps responded with gifs, memes and hilarious replies.

Just recently, the restaurant hilariously hit back a tweep that tried to shade them for their Portuguese buns.

@cytrusdc posted a photo of a man covered in white powdery substance with the caption: “I had 2 buns @NandosSA without a drink for breakfast today.”

Nando’s team wasted no time after @cytrusdc’s tweet went viral.

They responded with a comment that left Mzansi rolling on the floor.

In its response to the tweet, the food chain wrote, “Were your drinks that hungry? They should at least have told you that our rollers are not food for the hair abuthi,To which @cytrusdc replied, “You have to sell your buns with complementary wet wipes and a bottle of lotion.” “

Nando retaliated with another response: “We have to suffer for him to decide to eat two buns? A man? At his great age?

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