The Dabbawala starter app strives to deliver restaurant food to your doorstep at menu prices; plans expansion of PAN India

June 21, 2022 4:25 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]June 21 (ANI/SRV): Dabbawala, a start-up based in Mumbai, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and other Tier II geographies, is eager to scale up in other locations also.
The app is available on iOS App Store and Android Play Store for customer and partner service. The app was launched in November 2020 and since then it has had over 10,000 downloads.
Captain M.Chouhan, Director of Dabbawala, said, “Our vision is to provide customers with their favorite restaurant’s dishes at their doorstep at the price of the restaurant menu, without reducing the profits of the restaurant vendors”
The Dabbawala app tries to compete with other local food delivery apps such as Zomato and Swiggy. The brand believes in making the food ordering process easily accessible for customers anytime, anywhere.
Shankar Shetty, Founder of Vrindavan Restaurant, says, “Online food delivery apps charge high commission, pay food bill after 7-10 days, deduct illicit charges and give no proper resolution on courier tracking. . while dabbawalla makes immediate payment with the lowest commissions”.

The brand’s USP is Restaurant On-Site Payment which provides quick cash to their restaurant partners while saving businesses time on payment reconciliation. Artificial intelligence (AI) detects fraudulent order handling by identifying new customer activity. Additionally, the order history of existing customers and the local language franchise gives the brand the ability to connect restaurant partners/customer relations locally, which enhances Dabbawala’s service by enabling immediate problem resolution and significantly reducing returns/refunds compared to industry peers.

Kailash Mahyawanshi, a Dabbawala customer, says, “Dabbawala has a good collection of local restaurants, offers great deals as well as cash back on every order. We get the best price on dabbawala”
The app works by entering the address the customer wants the item delivered to. The app will then redirect and display nearby stores where consumers can pick up their orders themselves. The app offers a variety of coupons and special offers, as well as 24/7 customer support to ensure that the customer receives precisely what they want.

Dabbawala customer Kritika Sharma says, “Dabbawala got the best price with the fastest delivery and their local manager solves our order request in the regional language”
Dabbawala not only delivers food from nearby restaurants, but also groceries, medicine and other daily necessities. Customers also have the option to select the store where they want to buy their products.
The brand offers the possibility of becoming a franchise with rapid expansion, low investment and the highest profits. At the same time, the brand also offers to become a partner with them as a restaurant, delivery person and/or affiliate partner.
Dabbawala is continuously striving to establish itself across India as the go-to partner and leader in food delivery. As part of the brand’s future plans, their services will soon be available in more parts of Mumbai.
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