This Restaurant Chain Closes Amid Food Supply Scandal – Eat This, Not That

The restaurant industry is notoriously difficult to live with. Customers can be fickle, profit margins are often very slim, and one bad review can lead to a backlash against even the most popular restaurants.

Sadly, a restaurant chain is seeing how difficult the business can be, choosing to shut down all of its establishments following a high-profile scandal. Read on to find out which restaurant is closing its doors for good. And for more restaurants you’ll never frequent again, check out the Saddest Restaurant Closings in Your State.

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October 19, Los Angeles Times reported that Belcampo, a restaurant and retail chain specializing in sustainable and organic meat, had closed all of its locations.

The chain, which operated five businesses, three in the Los Angeles area and two in Northern California, will not sell or serve food at any of its locations, the CEO said. Garry Emblem confirmed in a press release; the chain’s farm and processing facilities remain operational.

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In May 2021, a former Belcampo employee posted a video alleging that Belcampo was not as transparent about sourcing its meats as it claimed.

Specifically, the employee claimed that Belcampo would buy conventionally raised meat from other farms, label it as “organic” and sell it at a significantly higher price to customers.

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Following allegations by its former employee, Belcampo confirmed that some of its products did not meet the chain’s standards.

“Overall, meats of external origin that did not meet Belcampo quality standards accounted for less than 6% of the total value of all meats purchased from early 2020 to late May 2021,” the company said in a statement. “We apologize to our customers. Our top priority as a business is to take responsibility for the situation, to ensure that this does not happen again and to regain the trust of our customers.”

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While Belcampo may be closing its retail and restaurant operations, the business may not go away completely.

Embleton has revealed that the company will be looking at “a range of options” regarding its future, which could include new retail sales under a different name, although nothing has yet been set in stone.

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