This US restaurant chain charges inflation fees on customer receipts

When you go to restaurants in the United States, you might want to take a closer look at your bill. Inflation has been so high that restaurants are now applying inflation fees to customers’ checks.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill is adding a $2 fee to help offset the extreme wages these diners must pay to “operate at a high standard.”

This statement of the company deduces that they take a better option. They think the rate of inflation will come down soon, so instead of raising their menu prices, they added a temporary charge.

“These fees help us partially offset increases in operational costs and maintain the standards our customers have come to expect. Please note that these fees are in no way associated with a service tip,” the statement read.

The statement goes on to say that it is a perfectly legal thing for them to have a surcharge.

A screenshot of the statement on Romano’s website.Romano Macaroni Grills

Bloomberg reported that “the consumer price index rose 9.1% over the previous year in a general increase, the largest gain since the end of 1981”.

The article goes on to say that food costs were among the most affected items, which Macaroni Grill obviously factored into their budget.

These restaurants are not only struggling with the cost of food, but also expedited labor and transaction fees when using a credit card.

The Italian restaurant has multiple locations across America, and you can find their statement in the fine print at the bottom of their website, where it says “temporary charge.”

You also have the option to provide feedback to the company by contacting them at the link provided in their statement.

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