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In the past, people who ate in restaurants were more likely to be infected with foodborne illnesses. This was mainly due to poor hygiene practices and the inability to control food quality by restaurateurs at the time. Practicing food hygiene not only preserves the health of your customers, but also improves the longevity of your food products. The quality assurance difference is far more imperative today than it was 20 years ago.

Here’s why restaurant food is relatively safer today than in the past.

1. Establishment of stricter laws

Each country has established stricter laws and regulations regarding food safety and hygiene in restaurants. Since the introduction of hygiene, food safety and sanitation legislations, every restaurant owner and operator is more careful in their approach. Regular inspection of food and restaurants has also raised awareness among restaurateurs and chefs. Several well-known restaurants have been forced to close for failing to comply with the laws. In some cases, failure to comply with the legislation can also lead to heavy fines, which has raised awareness among food chain operators. Although paying a heavy fine will cause a big loss, the targeted restaurant will also lose credibility, thereby losing more customers.

2. Increase in organic farming

Customers and chefs prefer to use organic food and ingredients to prepare food because it is healthier and tastier. Since the responsibility of feeding hundreds of people in a day lies with the chef, he ensures that the ingredients are safe to eat. In the past, adulterated foods and ingredients were commonly used, causing health issues and potential risks. The organic ingredients are free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, which can otherwise increase the risk of health problems. While plants and vegetables are grown naturally, grass-fed meat is also gaining traction. In general, access to cleaner and healthier raw materials has also increased and can be easily obtained at the nearest grocery store. Some laws also require food chain operators to use unadulterated raw materials and safe food handling.

3. General hygiene awareness

Since customers are more concerned about their health today than they were 20 years ago, awareness, in general, has also increased. Restaurant owners and chefs pay particular attention to cleanliness and hygiene. While most restaurants have dedicated cleaning staff who tend to the premises daily, owners also appoint special cleaning services once a month. Each restaurant is required to respect cleanliness and hygiene. Surfaces are disinfected and workers wash their hands often. The equipment is also thoroughly cleaned and disinfected from time to time. Many consumers are also becoming vegan and vegetarian, which has introduced many plant-based options. Sometimes poor meat processing and cooking can lead to serious health issues, which can be completely avoided by switching to plant-based alternatives.

4. Increased customer expectations

Today, every customer expects the restaurant they eat in to be clean and hygienic. This is an unspoken rule that every food chain must adhere to. Whether you’re eating out or ordering takeout, prepared foods must go through a clean cooking process before customers consume them. Food aficionados at suggest getting take-out menus as it’s comparatively safer than eating in. This is particularly crucial since the advent of the pandemic. You should prioritize takeout over dining in as it helps you maintain social distancing.

5. Use of high-tech equipment

Some tools designed to process raw ingredients ensure that the food is thoroughly cleaned and processed before being added to the dish. A simple example is the use of digital thermometers. Using one when cooking meat can ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked from the inside, thus preventing the consumer from getting sick. Likewise, high-tech refrigeration monitoring systems regulate the temperature of ingredients and keep them safe for consumption. The technological implications of the new age are used to control and monitor food safety, which can prevent foodborne diseases on a large scale.

6. Cleaner water supply

Naturally, the water supply is cleaner today than it was 20 years ago. New water treatment facilities and technological interventions ensure that the water is clean and safe to drink. It has also resulted in a significant decrease in health problems related to contaminated water. Since so much of cooking, washing, and serving food requires water in one form or another, every restaurant should have access to clean water.

These reasons clearly indicate that the food available in restaurants today is relatively safer than it was 20 years ago. With increased food safety, nutritional requirements, and an increase in medical facilities, people can safely eat in restaurants today. It is believed that food safety within the industry will reach a new high in the future.

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