Veteran Almost Cries After Flat Tire, Restaurant Manager Drops Everything To Help Him


When a WWII veteran visited Chick-Fil-A on a Thursday in 2019, he wasn’t looking for his usual meal. Instead, he was shaking a lot and almost in tears. A restaurant manager decided to leave everything to help him.

No matter how strong we are, there are times that can get the best of us, leaving us emotionally and physically compromised. For adults and especially the elderly, these feelings tend to intensify.

A 96-year-old veteran was struggling with the same exhaustion after an extremely difficult day that hit him. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he decided to turn to a place that was familiar to him.

The old man was a regular customer at Maryland’s Chick-Fil-A in Severn, so almost everyone in the famous fast food chain knew him. In fact, the restaurant workers affectionately called him “Mr. Lee”, as he often came by twice a week.

As soon as they saw Mr. Lee’s car, they recognized him. However, he wasn’t there to order his favorite chicken cookie and coffee. He had something else on his mind, and it bothered him.

As it turned out later, the old man had gone to the restaurant with a flat tire and he appeared to be in terrible condition.

One of Chick-Fil-A’s officials, Rudy Somoza, has revealed more details about Mr Lee’s medical condition while speaking to CNN about the incident. He share:

“He was shaking, almost in tears, saying he barely got to the store with three tires because one was bad (sic).”

Somoza explained that he saw the veteran conversing with the restaurant workers, telling them that he had no one to help him.

The old man hadn’t even finished speaking when one of the restaurant’s managers, Daryl Howard, jumped to his aid without the slightest hesitation. Appreciating Howard’s kind act, Somoza added:

“His act of kindness was beautiful. Daryl has always been so helpful to everyone in need and deserves this recognition. “

While Howard was busy replacement the flat tire, another restaurant worker captured the heartwarming moment, and the photos quickly went viral online. Indeed, the world could use more people like Howard.


Being nice to someone doesn’t cost a thing, but its impact should never be underestimated. What Howard did for the WWII veteran was indeed generous, but he’s not the only one making headlines for his considerate nature.

A few lifeguards at Orange Beach, Alabama are gone viral for helping a 95-year-old lady, Dottie Schneider, who was on vacation with her daughter, Kimberly Waterbury, in October this year.

One of the guards was seen wearing the old lady in his arms, while the others offered to get in the beach patrol vehicle. Throughout her stay at the hotel, lifeguards took turns bringing her to the beach and then taking her back.

The older lady, who traveled from Chandler, Indiana, and was in her wheelchair, thanked these nice gentlemen for making her vacation so special. Her daughter also appreciated the efforts of the Orange Beach Surf Rescue team.

Without a doubt, the incredible stories of Howard and the Alabama beach lifeguards teach us how important it is to be kind to each other and do good deeds without expecting anything in return.


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